Studio Ghibli Theme Park Affirms Opening Date as Construction Restarts

Studio Ghibli is a true powerhouse when it comes to animation, and it will celebrate some of its top projects in an upcoming theme park. The ambitious project aims to bring films...

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Hayao Miyazaki receives Honorary Oscar

Hayao Miyazaki receives Honorary Oscar, and got a standing ovation, well deserved!

Studio Ghibli Lofi Hip Hop Mix

1 Hour Studio Ghibli Lofi Hip Hop Mix Thanks for 2,000 subs everyone here's a full hour of remixes of Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki classics. This includes Spirited Away...


Theme From Howl’s Moving Castle – Ukulele Cover

Nice little cover of the Howls moving castle theme by two brothers on the ukelele!

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

A zeppelin-like airship flies through the clouds at night. On board are Sheeta and Muska. The latter is a government agent who has kidnapped...

This guy took the Spirited Away song and made it awesome

Check out this mix that someone did of the Spirited Away song

How Hayao Miyazaki films taught me Intersectional Feminism

In complete contrast to its contemporaries (read: Disney and Pixar), almost all of Hayao Miyazaki's films have centered on adolescent girls fighting through a...

My Neighbor Totoro screenplay handwritten in Japanese

Handwritten poster portrait of Totoro comprised entirely out of the entire script from the 1988 film 'My Neighbor Totoro' in it's original Japanese. Done originally...

Fanart Friday #01

We are starting a new series every Friday, we found so many creative people are into Studio Ghibli and the Studio ghibli movies that...

The Most Successful Anime Movies Ever in Japan

This year’s big hit is anime feature film Your Name. It’s earned critical praise and raked in massive amounts of yen. But it’s not the...

Arrietty (extended) Free mp3 download Awesome remix by Midnatt, feel free to download and share!

The Cat Returns

The latest movie from the production line of Studio Ghibli, Neko no Ongaeshi is a light-hearted movie as digestible as chicken soup. Directed by...

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