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19 Studio Ghibli Tattoos That’ll Make Your Heart Croon

1. This trippy Spirited Away illustration.

Roberto Euan / Via

2. This adorable sootball from Spiritied Away.

3. This delightfully watercolored Totoro.

Антон Ковригин / Via

4. This beautiful, tear-jerker of a scene that enshrines the love between Chihiro and Haku.

namidoreen / Via

5. This Totoro window that peers into the enchanting world of Hayao Miyazaki.

Bugsy Seagull / Via

6. This ghostly portrayal of No-Face’s mischievous demeanor.

Helena Darling @helenadarlingtattooist / Via

7. This dashing and gallant manifestion of the forest spirit from Princess Mononoke.

David Lopez / Via

8. This fierce sleeve of Moro from Princess Mononoke.

Tiggy Tuppence / Via

9. This fiery fusion between Calcifer and No-Face.

Антон Ковригин / Via

10. This precious little reverie of Kodamas.

Jessica Channer / Via

11. This perplexed, underwater silhouette of Totoro.

Oscar Brujo / Via

12. This friendly family of Kodamas.

Moona from El Nino / Via

13. This surreal collage of My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

Антон Ковригин / Via

14. This watercolored Totoro that’s dotted with blossoms.

Mares Lora / Via

15. This cunning montage of No-Face and Princess Mononoke (masked).

Alex Werdner from Star Tattoo / Via

16. This Ponyo scene that is on point.

Maurycy Szymczak / Via

17. This magnificent representation of Howl’s moving castle.

Josh Howard (@elderly_lady) of Solid State Tattoo / Via

18. This sad romantic version of No-Face.

19. And this one who likes trekking through nature just as much as you do!



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