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Castle in the Sky Theatrical Trailer HD

How is this the most purely adventurous of all Studio Ghibli works? Well, Castle in the Sky follows the exploits of a young miner, Pazu, who...

Los Angeles film museum to debut with exhibit showcasing work of Studio Ghibli’s Hayao...

LOS ANGELES - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which hands out the Oscars, said on Tuesday that its planned Los Angeles museum...

Making a Totoro Origami!

Paper Tricks on making Totoro Origami. Just follow the instructions. ENJOY! Found this and thought it was so creative! CUTE, but also a bit creepy lol

Ghibli Fest: Howl’s Moving Castle in Theaters

Studio Ghibli Fest 2017 concludes with Hayao Miyazaki's 2004 sprawling epic Howl's Moving Castle in theaters on November 26, 27, and 29. This will...

Ghibli vs Disney – Spin-Off Piano Battle

Merry Christmas everyone :)

Ghibli Orchestra Edition: “SHELTER” by P.Robinson and Madeon

Complete symphonic orchestral reimagining of the Shelter theme by Porter Robinson & Madeon in a Studio Ghibli inspired style. After I saw the Shelter...

Celebrate Studio Ghibli Festival Poster

As part of the month-long Celebrate Studio Ghibli, I've been invited to create a special poster for the event by both Madman Entertainment (the...

Studio Ghibli classic ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ to be screened in China for first time

SHANGHAI - Koji Hoshino, chairman of animation house Studio Ghibli, is hoping “My Neighbor Totoro” will be worth the wait for Chinese fans when it...

Hayao Miyazaki’s Thoughts on Creativity & Imagination

Hayao Miyazaki is the mastermind behind Studio Ghibli films. His animated films became home to millions of people, due to the creative nature of...

13 Studio Ghibli Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Although designed for children, Studio Ghibli films have always appealed to both the young and young at heart for their unique storytelling and magical feel-good factor...

Myers-Briggs Personality Types Of Studio Ghibli Characters

You can find Studio Ghibli’s influence just about anywhere you look in anime, and for good reason too. Films like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, The Castle In...
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