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Zelda x Ghibli Film Trailer

This is just a concept- not attempting to develop an actual movie.  

The making of a 9′ Totoro suit

The twill tape frame attached to the laundry basket   Making the muslin pattern     The first skin, with facial feature approximations   Padding out the skin   Pinned belly and...

Porco Rosso Desktop Wallpapers

Porco Rosso is a pilot who just happens to be a pig. We have here some of Porco Rosso high resolution wallpaper. This is best...

Kiki’s Delivery Service – A Town With An Ocean View (Piano)

It's time for some Studio Ghibli! Here's my piano cover of the beautiful piece "A Town With an Ocean View" from Kiki's Delivery service....

Isao Takahata Memorial Service at Ghibli Museum

Today, friends, family and colleagues paid tribute to Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata at a public memorial service at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka,...

Isao Takahata Memorial Service

The following photos are from the memorial service honoring the late Isao Takahata at the Ghibli Museum last May 15. The event was attended...

Castle in the Sky Theme

Laputa, the story was simple, the characters were simply lovable, and I couldn’t help but love it, if you haven’t watched this and are...

The Duality of Marco and Porco Rosso

This scene in Porco Rosso shows Marco's true face for a quick moment. Teenage Fio is shocked at the sight, but when he realizes...

Studio Ghibli Farewell Ceremony for Isao Takahata

This week, Studio Ghibli announced the details for their upcoming Farewell Ceremony for founding director Isao Takahata, who passed away on April 5 after...

Ghibli Fest 2018: Porco Rosso in US Theaters in May

Ghibli Fest 2018, the annual Studio Ghibli movie festival presented by GKIDS and Fathom Events, continues its series of theatrical screenings with Porco Rosso, Hayao...
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