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Remembering Studio Ghiblis Isao Takahata (1935-2018)

The world lost a great member of Studio Ghibli, Isao Takahata who passed away April 5, 2018, from lung cancer. The panel I went...

There’s a Studio Ghibli Terrarium Building Night Happening In Sydney

Attention all Studio Ghibli enthusiasts; Flipside at The Arthouse is hosting a My Neighbour Totoro themed terrarium building night.  The night will consist of a step-by-step and...

Cutie Saturday with Kiki

Who doesn't know about Kiki? She is 3-year-old Kiki moves to a seaside town with her talking cat, Jiji, to spend a year alone, in...

The Philosophy of Miyazaki

Welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on the Philosophy of Hayao Miyazaki!  

Why We Need Totoro?

Thirty years after the release of My Neighbor Totoro, we explore why the bouncy and cozy Totoro has become Hayao Miyazaki's most beloved creation...

Music from the Studio Ghibli Films of Hayao Miyazaki

Music is an incredibly powerful medium, albeit one that I am not particularly well versed in. Despite finding it an enjoyable experience, I find...

When Marnie Was Here

It is with enormous pleasure that I can finally share the big news that I have written the ending theme song to Studio Ghibli's...

Ghibli Museum Sketching Set – Miyazaki Teaches You How To Paint

The Ghibli Museum Sketching Set is a ready-made watercolor painting kit available at the museum's "Mama Aiuto" shop. Available since 2003, this kits includes...

Top 10 Best Studio Ghibli Movies

This list countdowns the best movies by legendary Japanese animation creators, Studio Ghibli. With Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata in it's stable of directors,...

Grave of the fireflies desktop wallpapers

A devastating meditation on the human cost of war, this animated tale follows Seita (Tsutomu Tatsumi), a teenager charged with the care of his...

Cooking – The Pro Crastinators Podcast

Let's ruin last week's workout and BINGE. Don't forget we have an ongoing PCP theme contest! that didn't stop being a thing that was...
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