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So I Tried a Making Studio Ghibli Dish

favorite miyazaki movie is nausicaa

10 Things Even Die-hard Fans Don’t Know About Studio Ghibli Films

It's not a surprise that many of us wish that our lives were like a Studio Ghibli film. Studio Ghibli films have a charm of...

Howl’s Moving Castle Theme (Cello and Piano Cover)

Derek Adam and Simon perform an arrangement for Cello and Piano of Howl's Moving Castle Theme. Derek Adam holds a Master Degree in Piano...

Magical Art Work of Totoro and Kiki

Painting is a hobby. Try it! No reference used.   www.Elton.strikingly.com

Studio Ghibli’s ‘Spirited Away’ Gets Collector Set Treatment

Studio Ghibli and GKIDS have partnered to create a beautiful collector’s edition set for acclaimed anime feature Spirited Away, to be distributed by Shout! Factory...

LIVE REVIEW: Natalya Plays Studio Ghibli – The Concourse, Chatswood

If you have heard of Asian music of ANY genre, or know a little bit about Japanese animation, it is very likely that you...

19 Studio Ghibli Tattoos That’ll Make Your Heart Croon

1. This trippy Spirited Away illustration. Roberto Euan / Via instagram.com 2. This adorable sootball from Spiritied Away. violentfemmme.tumblr.com 3. This delightfully watercolored Totoro. Антон Ковригин / Via instagram.com 4. This beautiful, tear-jerker of a scene that...

What’s the Impact of Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli

Our SJU panel talks the 30th anniversary of Kiki's Delivery Service and talk the anime feature's legacy and Studio's Ghibli overall impact on the...
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