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5 Anime-Inspired Date Night Ideas

Anime is so popular that finding someone to talk about them isn’t an issue. There are many online and offline gatherings for anime fans. Groups of friends discuss and watch anime together. Even families spend afternoons binge-watching animated Japanese art. But nothing compares to watching anime with someone you love. Especially those series where love is at the center of attention. Recreating some scenes from the following shows is a guarantee for fun and passionate date nights. We’ll reveal the secret of finding other fans for singles dreaming about anime-inspired dates.

Where to Meet People Ready to Recreate Love Scenes From Anime?

It’s easy to find anime fans, but it’s tricky to find fans to date. Some people end up in relationships with people who don’t like anime, so their passion dies with time. But there are easy ways to get in touch with numerous single fans. Online dating sites are booming. Everybody who isn’t dead is looking for dates online. That world can be overwhelming for some, but luckily, niche sites let members connect with specific groups of people. So anime fans who join a black platform to meet black singles who love anime have to mention it on their profiles. People bond over a mutual interest. Many find it easier to send the first message when there’s something they can wrap around, in this case, anime. Black singles who mention anime in their profiles do that for a reason. They want to attract other fans, so it’s always a good start to open with something only other fans would understand.

Cannon Busters – Share the Last Bag Of Chips

Even though there’s no real romance in Cannon Busters (YET!), its characters are funny and reliable. And Philly will fall in love with S.A.M., it’s obvious. Most of the characters are black, making Cannon Busters ultra-popular among the African American population. Until the falling in love thing happens, couples can enjoy the slow buildup of the relationship between the (hopefully) future couple. Sharing the last bag of chips while binge-watching Cannon Busters is a nice night, but it’s slow. Nothing like the next anime on this list. 

Princess Mononoke – Live Like Ashitaka and San

Princess Mononoke has one of the best stories formed around a couple. Ashitaka and San are on opposite sides because San has been raised by wolves. When they first meet, San tries to kill Ashitaka, but soon they start fighting alongside each other. As the movie develops, they become closer and obviously fall in love. There aren’t many scenes that would spice up date nights, but Ashitaka and San are an inspiration to couples worldwide. This is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s anime, so you don’t have to think twice before watching it. It’s better for serious couples.

Maid Sama! – What Must Happen, Will Happen

Maid Sama! is a shojo anime, but couples love it. The love story between Usui and Misaki is inspiring on so many levels. We won’t spoil anything but the beginning. Misaki, the main character, is a popular girl in her school who has to work at a maid cafe to provide for her family. She keeps that a secret because it’s embarrassing, so when Usui first enters the cafe, she could probably already imagine all the bullying in the school. But Usui doesn’t tell a soul where Misaki works. Instead, he starts coming there a lot. If you’re a new couple, go to each other’s workplace for a short time (if possible). How someone works reveals a lot about the person. It’s a way to learn more about each other and spend lunch breaks together.

Wolf’s Rain – Prepare Tissues

Wolf’s Rain is an anime about Blue. She’s half-wolf, half-human, which leads to numerous internal and external conflicts. While Blue is in her human form, she’s a beautiful black lady. While she’s a wolf, she’s blue. This anime won’t inspire any unusual dates, but it might inspire you to spend more time in nature with your partner. And yes, as you probably guessed, the big love story in Wolf’s Rain doesn’t happen between people. It happens between wolves. Blue and Hige fall in love and go through a lot before the end. Watch that anime with your partner if you want a relaxing date night. You’ll need tissues at the end. Will it be to wipe tears of joy or sadness? Of course, we won’t tell. That’d ruin your date.

Maison Ikkoku – Love Triangles Are For Amateurs

This old anime is still one of the best-rated among fans of romantic series. Godai falls in love with Kyoko. But Shun also falls in love with Kyoko. Kozue falls in love with Godai; he keeps her hooked. However, Yagami falls in love with Godai. What happens at the end? You’ll find out after watching all 96 episodes. That will give you many date ideas. But if we have to pick one, it’s trying to seduce someone in the high school gym. Many people have a lot of bad memories related to the gym. Falling in love there would make up for all of that.



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