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5 Famous Anime Heroes to Discuss on First Date

When you’re dating and searching for a relationship online or offline, you should find someone who completes you, who shares some of your interests. If anime is what you love and can’t stop talking about, your partner should also love anime. If they haven’t read any manga or watched any anime, then you can educate them and open their eyes to how amazing it is. 

So if you’re looking to find a girlfriend online, we think that you should discuss the five most famous and amazing anime heroes of all time and see if she has the same opinions as you or at least knows what you’re talking about. If she hasn’t watched them yet, you can always do a marathon and watch them together. This way, you also get to spend some quality time together, and you will have what to talk about for days to come. 

Kirito Kirigaya from Sword Art Online

You can watch countless sub-genres of anime, but if you haven’t seen any anime with characters that go into a virtual reality game, then Sword Art Online is the perfect one to start with. 

Kirito is the main character, he is a young man who is just an average human in the real world, but in the virtual world, he is the strongest player because he tested the game when it was still in Beta, and he is a great gamer. 

The thing is that (spoiler alert) the game becomes a reality: if a player dies inside the game, they will also die in the real world that when connected. 

Kirito is a brilliant character because he helps everyone and tries his best to finish the game to save all players and ensure no one suffers. He is intelligent, kind, and strong, and he is also transformed through love which helps his character development.

Vash the Stampede from Trigun

Vash the Stampede has super impressive gun skills. His revolver can trigger this angel arm: an even more powerful weapon that basically makes his arm a cannon that can erase an entire city.

He has this vast destructive power that gives him a bad reputation, but he is insanely nice and kind-hearted and only wishes to save everyone, not even kill his enemies.

He is one of the most complex anime characters ever designed, and his story will surely bring you both a lot of laughs and a lot of feeling. 

Inuyasha from Inuyasha

Inuyasha is a half-demon, half-human man who lives somewhere in 17th century Japan. He has strength, speed, and a lot of power, but what makes him a character worth mentioning is none of these things. 

His perpetual fight between the two halves of his being is what makes things interesting. He is, by nature, a dual creature. He is split between demons and humans, divided between a past love and a new romance. Ultimately, he makes the right choices and accepts his true self. 

He makes many friends along the way, and his goal is to protect everyone close to him. Add the fact that he is not particularly intelligent: t’s a recipe for fun. 

Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto

You can’t make a list of animes and heroes and not include Naruto. Naruto is just a child initially, and you get to see him grow and mature and evolve as a character. He is insanely powerful because he holds the nine-tail fox demon inside of him and learns to control it.

But what’s more important is how kind he is and how he overcomes adversity and gets back up every time he is knocked down. He fights to protect everyone and has the power to turn enemies into friends and make everyone a better person.

L from Death Note

While not the main character of the insanely popular Death Note, L is the best one, and he is the real hero. Light seems to be the hero in the beginning, and even in the end, he still believes himself to be the hero, although he has become a villain. But L is a deep and interesting character and the true hero as he works with the police in order to find and stop Kira (Light) from murdering people. 

His main characteristic is his intelligence, as it takes him a very short time to figure out that random criminals having heart attacks are connected and even figure out who did it. Also, he is a breath of fresh air as most heroes in anime are generally very strong and great people but not very intelligent. 


If you’re dating online and trying to find a match, make sure that your partner loves anime as much as you do. Don’t start talking about Son Goku or Sailor Moon; go in-depth to see exactly where they stand. 

Online dating is going to be a lot more fun if you discuss the 10 things no one knows about Studio Ghibli Films and talk about the characters above. While you can fake knowledge on Dragon Ball Z, you can’t pretend to know so many unique characters. You’ll know for sure if you’ve found the one. 



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