About Us

About Us

Welcome to studioghiblimovies.com, one of the movie industry’s biggest, up-and-coming Ghibli websites. We’re breaking out into the world of Studio Ghibli and aim to be the number one source of Studio Ghibli news on the web.

Created by a couple of Totoro fanatics, out site aims to offer a fresh take on all studio Ghibli news. We love reviewing new movies and sharing all our photos and Ghibli fan art with people like you. Haven’t been able to keep up with all the Studio Ghibli news out there? Now you can.

Ghibli Reinvented

What makes us different from all the other fan sites out there? We aim to provide fresh and accurate content – every time. Along with free downloads and our upcoming Ghibli shop, we’re a never-ending information source for all things from the studio.

If Miyazaki is your thing, or you just love the catbus, why not save yourself a little time by accessing all the latest industry information in one, easy-to-navigate location? Whether you’re looking for video, in-depth interviews, facts about the movies or fan art, even jokes!– explore our site today!

Please send all comments and inquiries through email to info@studioghiblimovies.com.

We are a fan-based site and are not affiliated with Studio Ghibli in any way.

Official Studio Ghibli Contact Info:

Studio Ghibli
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Koganei-shi, 184

website: www.ghibli.jp
email: post@ghibli.co.jp