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Artist Reimagines The Last of Us 2 In Studio Ghibli Style

Imitation is often referred to as the greatest form of flattery, which means that many creators can judge how beloved their works have become by how much fan art some titles inspire. One artist in particular has taken this to a multi-layered level, by combining iconic shots of The Last of Us 2 with another cinematic art style to create a number of stellar art pieces.

Korean artist Mincho has drawn a considerable amount of fan art in the style of Studio Ghibli, combining tons of more modern titles like The Last of Us 2 with classic anime cinematics. Sometimes the art involves taking characters from popular franchises and putting them into situations from Studio Ghibli films, and other works simply add an anime polish onto popular scenes and scenarios.

In the case of Mincho’s new The Last of Us 2 artwork, the artist has taken some of the most iconic scenes from both games in the series, including Ellie playing guitar and Joel lying about the Fireflies, and recreated them in the Studio Ghibli style. The styles combine perfectly to take one of the most cinematic games from this console generation and one of the most defining styles of anime from the last several decades. Seeing this type of crossover is sure to please fans who have been anxiously waiting for whatever Studio Ghibli has planned next, as well as players who would love to sit back and watch some sort of animated tie-in with The Last of Us 2.

Of course, Mincho’s art isnn’t entirely limited to video games, as pieces dedicated to shows like Avatar: The Last Air Bender and movies like Parasite equally show off how well the Studio Ghibli style works on other franchises. So, while these latest crossovers might get players even more excited for the upcoming The Last of Us HBO series, this art combination can easily enhance iconic moments in any medium. Fans of classic anime styles, like those found in Studio Ghibli films, should certainly keep an eye out for more of Mincho’s and other related crossovers.

Naughty Dog’s latest title has been a huge source of content for artists, as the community quickly attached themselves to the characters to create some incredible The Last of Us 2 fan art. Clearly Mincho isn’t the first to try their hand at recreating some of the most iconic scenes and shots from the series, but this most recent interpretation is one of the most skillfully executed.

The Last of Us 2 is available now for PS4.



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