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Be Yourself: Express Through Anime

Animes are popular worldwide because they are full of excitement, and it’s easy to relate to them. Because of the big variety of animes, everybody can find at least one that’ll steal their heart. If you’re an anime lover, the best thing that can happen is to meet somebody who shares your passion. To do that, you have to express yourself, let the other know you’re into anime, and that will attract the right person.

Find Your Favorite Anime Hero

The easiest way to express yourself through anime is to find your favourite anime hero and try to be like him/her. That doesn’t mean you have to dress, act, or talk like your favourite hero. Imagine seeing somebody doing a Naruto Run at random on the street, sober. It would look cool and funny at first, but soon he’d look like a weirdo.

Instead of copying the looks of your hero, try to copy his/her positive characteristics. That’s what brought you into anime, after all, the ease of relating to its heroes. Some of them live in worlds full of magic, but their problems and dilemmas are similar to yours. They get sad, their friends betray them sometimes, and they have to say goodbye to people they don’t want to. Seeing how they deal with good and bad times can be an inspiration for you.

Here are some famous anime heroes you can relate to:• Ash Ketchum – the main hero of Pokemon, always does his best to protect his friends, make new friends and never back up from a challenge.• Goku – Dragon Ball hero who spends his whole life developing his skills. If you need the motivation to stick to your plan, Goku’s rigorous training and constant development might do wonders for you. You may even become a Super Saiyan God version of yourself.• Naruto Uzumaki – the hero of the Anime bearing his name, this young man is one of the most famous anime characters in the world. He’s also the one most people easily relate to, especially young adults and teenagers. He has a big desire for acknowledgement that pushes him forward, but he knows that growth comes from hard work.• – mysterious, smart, and different. Those 3 words describe L, the main character and detective in the Death Note. His unusual habits will surely remind you of some things you do.

Find Someone Like you Online

Finding a partner with similar interests is a dream come true for most singles, but you can’t expect anything to happen if you’re passive. You can easily meet new people all the time, but finding somebody who’s your perfect match isn’t a piece of cake. There are many people around you. Every person has their liking. If one person likes something, it’s not a fact that another person will like it. Thanks to the opinions of, you can find someone like you in one click.

You can meet people interested in anime online on various forums, in comment sections of social media, or at parties your friends organize. Many anime-loving couples met that way, but most of them meet on dating sites because everybody goes there to find a new partner. If you’re confident enough to say you’re into anime, other singles who share your passion will contact you, and you’ll have tons of topics to chat about.

The Anime is Getting Closer Together

Watching anime, together with your partner, is a great way to bond. If both of you’ve been into anime before you stumbled upon each other, that will be fireworks. You’ll bond on so many levels while watching or discussing anime. If you’re an anime-lover, but your partner still hasn’t embraced worlds hidden in that Japanese product, you can introduce her/him to your favourite anime. Even if she/he doesn’t become a hard-core fan, you’ll bond. When another person sees your passion, they’ll be attracted to it because of a simple reason – passion is sexy. Every kind of it, except maybe if you have a passion for drowning puppies. Then you need to visit a doctor, and you most likely don’t like anime anyway.

There are so many worlds and stories you can explore through anime, but in the end, every anime teaches you a lot about yourself. This article’s moral is simple: be yourself no matter what, and your time with the right person will come.



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