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I Can Hear the Sea

At Kichijōji Station, Tokyo, Taku Morisaki glimpses a familiar woman on the platform opposite. Later, her photo falls from a shelf as he exits his apartment before flying to Kōchi Prefecture. As the plane takes off, he narrates the events that brought her into his life. The story is told in flashback.

In Kōchi, two years prior, Taku is working in a restaurant, where he receives a call from his friend, Yutaka Matsuno, asking to meet at their high school. He finds Yutaka at a window, looking at an attractive girl. She is a transfer student from Tokyo whom Yutaka was asked to show around. Taku’s interest piqued, he tries unsuccessfully to view her. The boys discuss their upcoming school trip to Hawaii.

Taku meets Yutaka at the school gates, where he is introduced to the new girl, Rikako Muto. She smiles, and thanks Yutaka for his help. He explains that she was asking for directions to a bookstore. Walking home, Taku teases him about his infatuation.

Rikako proves to be gifted academically and at sports, but also arrogant. Taku believes she is unhappy at having to leave Tokyo. His mother learns from gossip that a divorce brought Rikako’s mother to Kōchi. In a later phone conversation with Yutaka, he also discovers that Rikako is living alone, away from the family house.

The school year ends, heralding the Hawaii trip. Taku, suffering from an upset stomach, is heading through the hotel lobby where he is stopped by Rikako. She explains that she has lost her money and asks to borrow some, as Taku has a part-time job. She persuades him to lend her ¥60,000. Promising to repay him, she warns that it may take a while and not to tell anyone. As she departs, Taku sees a stern Yutaka and feels compelled to explain. Later, Rikako admonishes him for telling Yutaka about the money. She tells him that Yutaka has also made her a loan of ¥20,000, and again insists that he not tell anyone.

Back in Kōchi, the third year begins with Rikako making a friend, Yumi Kohama. Rikako has not yet returned Taku’s money and he wonders if she has forgotten. Out of the blue, a distressed Yumi calls Taku, explaining that Rikako had tricked her into coming to the airport on the pretence of a concert trip, only to discover that their real destination is Tokyo, with tickets paid for with Taku’s money. He races to the airport, sending Yumi home, saying that he will accompany Rikako.

Upon arrival, it appears that Rikako has not given her father any notice of her intent, interrupting his planned trip with a new girlfriend. Her father thanks Taku, repays the loan and arranges a room at the Hyatt Regency hotel. Later, a dejected Rikako turns up. She explains that when her parents were fighting, she’d always sided with her father, but had now discovered he wasn’t on her side. Comforting her, Taku offers her his bed and attempts to sleep in the bath. The next morning, Rikako seems back to her normal self and kicks Taku out so that she can change to meet a friend for lunch. Taku wanders around the city. After catching up on sleep at the hotel, Taku receives a call from Rikako asking to be rescued. The friend she met turns out to be a former boyfriend, Okada, who is not quite the person she remembered him to be.

Returning to Kōchi, Rikako ignores Taku, but doesn’t hide from others that they spent a night together. Taku discovers this from Yutaka, who had earlier confronted Rikako. He had also admitted his feelings to Rikako, but had been rebuffed. Taku confronts Rikako in class for hurting his best friend, calling her “The worst!”. She responds by slapping him and he slaps her in retaliation.

The autumn school cultural festival arrives and Rikako, who has been avoiding rehearsals for the Yosakoi dance, has become even more distant from the other girls, many of whom openly dislike her. They confront her behind the school, but Rikako stands firm. One girl believing that Rikako was flirting with her boyfriend attempts to strike her, but is held back. Taku, who has seen it all, approaches Rikako and comments that he is impressed with the way she handled herself. She slaps him. Yutaka confronts a somewhat stunned Taku, who tries to explain. Yutaka punches him and then walks away, leaving Taku to pick himself up. They do not talk for the rest of the year.

Back in the present, Taku’s plane lands and he is offered a lift home by Yutaka, who explains he punched him because he realized Taku had held back his feelings for his sake. At a class reunion, former student president Shimizu mentions she had run into Rikako at the department store, and how she wouldn’t be present. As Rikako was attending Kochi University, she had flown to Tokyo for her school break, missing the reunion. He realizes that Rikako was the woman he’d seen at the station. Walking home, Yumi tells Taku that she, too, had met Rikako, explaining she couldn’t make it to the reunion. Rikako had said she wanted to meet a person she knew, but wouldn’t say who… saying only that he slept in bath tubs.

In Tokyo, Taku again sees Rikako across the platforms, but this time runs to find her. The train pulls away, but he notices someone to the right. Seeing her, he realises that he had always been in love and crazy about her.

Info & Credits

Title I Can Hear the Sea
Japanese Title 海がきこえる
Japanese Title (Romanized) Umi ga Kikoeru
Release Date 1993
Rated PG
Duration 1 hr 14 min

The characters

 image001 Morisaki Taku
A senior high school student (for most of the film). Morisaki is an above-average student and is a rational thinker. He is mostly kind to everyone and had a job at a local restaurant as a busboy and dishwasher.
image002 Rikako Muto
A transfer student from Tokyo. Rikako’s good looks, unmatched athletic ability, and near-perfect grades quickly win her the admiration of nearly every boy in Morisaki’s school, but the jealousy of nearly every girl. However, Rikako dislikes Kochi and all the boys who live there. Her parents have recently separated, and Rikako’s mother took her along with her. However, Rikako wants to be with her father instead.
 image003 Matsuno Yutaka
Another senior in Morisaki’s high school. Morisaki considers Matsuno to be his best friend. Matsuno is described as being especially kind and a good studier. Morisaki admires Matsuno for his serious consideration for his own future.
image004 Shimizu Akiko
Another senior in Morisaki’s school. Shimizu is the leader of a small group of girls in Morisaki’s class. She is one of the few girls in the class that does not completely despise Rikako. She is level-headed and fair in her decisions.
image005 Yumi Kohama
Rikako’s only close female friend. Yumi has is very self-disciplined compared to Rikako, due to her parents being strict. Yumi is easily made nervous by unusual situations.
 image006 Okada
Rikako’s former boyfriend from Tokyo. Rikako used to think that Okada was kind and considerate, but now she sees him as not being considerate enough, talking only about himself.
image007 Yamao Tadashi
One of Morisaki’s acquaintances. He sometimes comments on Taku’s behavior. He is known to get extremely drunk from time to time.
 image008 Rikako’s Dad
Rikako’s dad lives in Tokyo in an apartment complex. He separated from his wife a few months before Rikako comes to Kochi. He loves his daughter. His sister-in-law owns a famous wine orchard, on a part of which the apartment he lives in was built.

Production Credits

Director Tomomi Mochizuki
Original Story Saeko Himuro
Executive Producers Ogata Hideo
Original Music Nagata Shigeru
Animation Director and Character Design Katsuya Kondô

Voice Casting

Character English Japanese
Morisaki Taku N/A Nobuo Tobita
Muto Rikako N/A Yoko Sakamoto
Matsuno Yutaka N/A Toshihiko Seki
Shimizu Akiko N/A Yuri Amano
Yumi Kohama N/A Kae Araki
Okada N/A Jun’ichi Kanemaru
Yamao Tadashi N/A Hikaru Midorikawa
Minarai N/A Tomokazu Seki
Taku’s mother N/A Ai Satôu
Rikako’s dad N/A Kinryuu Arimoto
Kawamura N/A Kan Tokumaru
Waitress N/A Reiko Suzuki
Rikako’s dad’s lover N/A Sumi Shimamoto
the Principal N/A Takeshi Watanabe

I Can Hear the Sea Trailer

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