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Catbus Fanart (expanding collection)

The Catbus (ネコバス Nekobasu?) is a character in the Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It is a large creature, depicted as a grinning male cat with a hollow body that serves as a bus, complete with windows and seats coated with fur, and a large bushy tail. The character’s popularity has led to its use in a spinoff film, toys for children, an art car, and being featured in the Ghibli Museum, among other products and influences.

Here is a great of catbus fan art, we plan to add to this, so if you have some fanart or have found some send us and we will update this post! Enjoy..

6004494_9538450_lz Baby_Cat_Bus_by_phowks baby_catbus_by_imaginism-d54wjdl cat_bus_by_anthonysarts-d3d0mq9 catbus_by_genicecream-d6qnikm catbus_from_my_neighbor_totoro_by_ensoulifly-d64wcee neko_busu_yatte_kita___tonari_no_totoro_fan_art_by_studiomuku-d4l6jxw squishy_catbus_by_idrawrainbows-d6jbr9q studio_ghibli_catbus_for_aicn_contest_by_fuchipatas-d5yxgxt totoro_and_cat_bus_by_syntetyc-d54o7s3 totoro_s_catbus_by_alben-d5tsimz tumblr_mczmr05sd01qzcdwho1_1280 tumblr_mlermsdxyg1rjcudlo1_500 tumblr_mmd1fkCnHu1qggmj0o1_1280  tumblr_mqy8uxPPOs1qgm5y6o1_500 tumblr_msberlhUtB1qkw3rto1_1280 tumblr_msjtn5McL31qg8i80o3_1280 tumblr_mxjxfr4dTz1qg8i80o1_1280 tumblr_mypojp2DeY1sk7cslo1_1280 tumblr_n0aum7NBnb1s57kkgo1_500

tumblr_n7pt26htIX1sii9iho1_500 tumblr_n9zaz4Lv661r0wwgdo1_1280 tumblr_ner20caeFQ1qjobupo1_1280 url-1 url

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