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So what is the point of “When Marnie was There” as a story? A child believes themselves to be worthless, but over the summer is put with relatives away from the city where she can explore with new relationships. She meets a girl moving into a house which catches her interest due to it being familiar to her. She imagines a friend with stories of being locked up in her house or other buildings and finally realizes this imaginary friend is her grandmother and the stories told to her as a preschooler that the house refreshed for her. The point was she realized she was loved when her Grandmother was a part of her life, so the summer gives her strength to return to her life realizing she is special to someone. So what is the point of “Only Yesterday” as a story? A woman believes she is successful in life at her job, but upon taking a work stint away from the city she remembers her youth and what her desires were for herself from elementary school. Through this reassessment she comes to realize her life is passing her by, in terms of what matters, and gives up on her job to remain with the work she took away from the city. The point was she realized pursuing her dreams are more important than stability and responsibility that adults force upon themselves to fit into the society around them.

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