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Everything We Know About The Sequel To Matt Reeves’ The Batman

Any pessimism surrounding a new Batman movie starring former Twilight actor Robert Pattinson disappeared quickly after the film’s release in March 2022. The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, is the highest-grossing movie of 2022, and Warner Brothers announced Reeves has started work on a script for the sequel with Dylan Clark. Even though details are scarce, there is still speculation about what the sequel to The Batman will entail.

Facts And Details

There is no release date for the sequel to The Batman yet, but we know director Matt Reeves is busy with other projects. The American film director, who first gained recognition for the WB drama series Felicity and monster film Cloverfield, is currently working on the animated series Batman: Caped Crusader for HBO Max. Reeves is collaborating with Bruce Timm and J.J. Abrahams, who co-created Felicity with Reeves, on the sequel to The Batman.

This project may push Reeves’ ability to work on the script for the sequel back, but since the news was confirmed, speculating fans are giving the director a lot of potential source material. With The Batman featuring a different take on some of the most popular villains in the Batman franchise, including Riddler and Penguin (both of whom are known for having multiple personas), everyone’s wondering which villains will appear in the sequel. So far, there are several contenders. 

Potential Sequel Villains

Robert Pattinson has previously come out and said he wants The Court of Owls in the film’s sequel, but not every fan is convinced since The Batman seemed to end the control and influence of mobsters in Gotham City. One addition that looks more likely in the sequel, however, is Hush, one of the few villains in the Batman universe that shares similarities to Bruce Wayne. According to fans, there were several easter eggs in The Batman hinting about the possibility of Thomas Elliot, aka Hush featuring in the sequel, including the film referencing Elliot’s grandfather Edward Elliot, a journalist for Gotham City.

Another likely villain in The Batman sequel is The Joker, whose brief cameos in the first film have made fans believe Barry Keoghan’s Joker will serve as the main antagonist in the sequel. Even though we have seen countless versions of Joker over the years, from a failed comedian to an anarchist, Matt Reeves has said Gwynplaine, a character in the 1928 silent film The Man Who Laughs, influenced his version of the villain. Even though The Man Who Laughs is a romantic melodrama like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the disfiguration of Gwynplaine’s face has led the film to be classified as part of the horror genre.


We may not know the release date of The Batman sequel, but we can assume its tone will be as dark as the first film. For the first time in years, we saw a more psychological side to the Batman universe, where characters had humanistic problems rather than supernatural. In fact, this is one reason why Reeves took inspiration for The Joker from The Man Who Laughs. In the silent film, the character Gwynplaine has a congenital disease, and Reeves told Den of Geek that he thought it would be interesting to use a disease for The Joker’s origin rather than chemicals like Christopher Nolan’s Joker.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman surprised audiences with its directorial style and story. The film was an instant success, so it’s no surprise to see Warner Brothers green-light a sequel. While no dates have been confirmed, there is already speculation about what the film will look like.



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