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Fukuoka Hot Spring Offers Spirited Away-Style Bath Experience

There’s a good chance all Studio Ghibli fans have daydreamed about cleansing away their cares at the bathhouse in Spirited Away. One Twitter user was able to experience the next-best thing last week. @RiLze04 posted a video on Saturday of a hot spring resort that uses wooden tokens similar to the Bath Tokens in the anime to trigger the release of bath water.

The Twitter user noted that they have only seen this type of water-drawing system previously in Spirited Away. If you or someone you know is lucky enough to be able to travel in Japan, you can visit the Wakasugi no Yu resort in Fukuoka to share in the experience.

In the anime film, the bathhouse called Aburaya uses Bath Tokens to exchange for a variety of herbal remedy baths. Spirits seek out the services of the bathhouse to enjoy a customized, rejuvenating experience. Bath Tokens play a prominent role in the story when Sen has to obtain one in order to treat a certain guest.

For fans unable to try a personal Spirited Away experience, the film has become a merchandising juggernaut with global appeal. One of the film’s latest goods to generate a buzz was a No-Face coin bank, which went on sale in Japan in May.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

Image via Spirited Away Wiki



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