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Games That Perfectly Match the Aesthetics of Studio Ghibli Movies

Outrageous flying machines are a hallmark of the Studio Ghibli brand, and there are games out there that feature aircraft that have borrowed heavily from the studio’s designs

Studio Ghibli’s loyal following has never diminished since its inception in 1985, with fans constantly on the lookout for products or experiences that can hark them back to the fantasy worlds and characters created by Hayao Miyazaki and his team of animators.

In this article, we go in search of recently developed and released games from recent times that best embody the look and feel of Studio Ghibli Movies. These games allow players to not only compete and explore, but to do so while dreaming of their favorite anime motion pictures.

Airships from Ghibli Find Their Way into Video Games

Of all the most famous creations that Ghibli has given to the world of entertainment, and indeed art, the studio’s flamboyant airships are some of the most loved. Many of these have become so renowned that full scale models have been erected in museums, as can be seen in the picture above.

However, one place where Ghibli inspired airships have truly taken over the skies and outer space, is in popular video games. Among the incredible titles to include these behemoths of the sky are battle royale sensation Fortnite, most of the Final Fantasy series of games, as well as old classics such as Super Mario Bros 3 and Civilization 2.

Final Fantasy 7 is a particularly good place to start for gamers who want their fill of Ghibli style airships, combined as they are within an equally beguiling anime-inspired settings and storyline.

Reels and Reels of Anime Style Fun

When it comes to titles that match the anime style cuteness and other worldliness of Ghibli, some of the best come in the form of old classic arcade and casino games, which have since transitioned over into the online world.

However, finding the slots that will match up to the Studio Ghibli aesthetic can be tough, so we thought we would do it for you. Two of the best we could seek out can be found at the same online operator. These slots go by the names of Imperial Kitchen and Lion Storm. The former is a feast for the senses, as anime avatars deliver tasty spins, and the latter takes players back to the early days of Ghibli, delivering retro graphics and a haunting soundtrack.

Gaming reels and movie reels come together as one in these amazing online slot games

Open World Games are Gaming Nirvana for Ghibli Fanatics

While we did previously mention titles such as Final Fantasy and Super Mario Bros, there is one particular genre of game that blows all others out of the water when it comes to matching the Ghibli aesthetic, and that is the open-world genre.

Out there on its own for Ghibli likeness is the revered Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with everything from the color palettes to the way characters move oozing that classic Ghibli style.

Other open-world games which have borrowed from Ghibli in perhaps more subtle ways, are those such as Pokémon SoulSilver and Pokémon HeartGold, as well as Jade Cocoon, an older game that was first released on the original Playstation.

All of these games are sure to delight even the pickiest of Studio Ghibli followers.

Games Made with Studio Ghibli’s Blessing

When you develop a style and aesthetic as original as that of Ghibli’s, you come to expect that it will be copied and re-hashed over and over again. One of the ways in which Ghibli has tried to keep a handle on this is to play a part in designing games with a direct affiliation to the studio.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is the newest offering of such a game, with Studio Ghibli teaming up with Japanese developers Level 5 to bring it to life. The game has nowhere near the fanfare it deserves but is available for anyone who has a PlayStation Now account. If that is you, then why not start playing right away!



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