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Ghiblies (Episodes 1 and 2)

A 25-minute sequel, titled Ghiblies Episode 2, was released in theaters with The Cat Returns on July 19, 2002. Momose wrote the script and directed the sequel, with assistance directing from Eiichirō Tashiro and Chika Matsumura. Manto Watanabe, the drummer for the Okinawan band Shang Shang Typhoon, created the music for the short film. Other staff members included art director Noboru Yoshida, original character designer Toshio Suzuki, and special character designer Hisaichi Ishii.

Info & Credits

Title Ghiblies (Episodes 1 and 2)
Japanese Title ギブリーズ
Japanese Title (Romanized) Giburiizu
Release Date 2000/2002
Rated G
Duration 12 min./24 min

The characters

image001 Nonaka-kun
Appears in Ghiblies 1 and 2.
image002 Oka-chan
Appears in Ghiblies 1 and 2.
 image003 Yukari-san
Appears in Ghiblies 1 and 2.
image004 Kei-chan
Appears in Ghiblies 1 and 2.
image005 Yone-chan
Appears in Ghiblies 1 and 2.
image006 Toshi-chan
Appears in Ghiblies 2.
image007 Isao-san
Appears in Ghiblies 1 and 2.
image008 Murata-san
Appears in Ghiblies 1.

Voice Casting

Character English Japanese
Nonaka-kun NA ???
Oka-chan NA ???
Yukari-chan NA ???
Toshi-chan NA ???
Isao-san NA ???
Kei-chan NA ???
Yone-chan NA ???
Murata-san NA ???

Ghiblies Trailer

Screenshots from the movie





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