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Spirited Away to Become Stage Play

For years, legendary anime label Studio Ghibli pushed back against the idea of allowing its films to be available on streaming platforms,...

Studio Ghibli’s Most Powerful Film Is Its Least Whimsical

Only Yesterday may lack magical flourishes, but it makes up for it with poignant themes, making it one of Studio Ghibli's most...

Earwig and the Witch Official English Trailer

0 Growing up in an orphanage in the British countryside, Earwig has no idea that her mother...

Goro Miyazaki’s Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter Is a Ghibli Series Worth...

Despite all the discussion of Goro Miyazaki's films, his TV show Ronja the Robber's Daughter has flown under the radar.

Online trends during the pandemic

Globally people seem to have embraced the new normal by capitalizing on social changes that have been trending since the pandemic. Every...

Studio Ghibli Piano Music

0 Gentle light that shines through the blinds One glass of water after waking up The tender...
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