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How Small Details Completely Change Howl’s Moving Castle (Studio Ghibli)

Ah, the beautiful Studio Ghibli “Howl’s Moving Castle.” So full of beauty, friendship, magic and hope! Did you know it is based off of a book? Yep! Diana Wynn Jones’ “Howl’s Moving Castle” book! A lot has changed from book to movie, and we’re going to look at a lot of little details that change everything! Of course, both the Miyazaki film Howl’s and the book have completely different themes, and both feature a host of memorable lovable (ah, for the most part!) characters. Let’s see just where the Witch of the Waste, Calcifer, Wizard Howl Pendragon, Howell Jenkins (who!?), Sophie Hatter, Lettie Hatter, Martha Hatter, Mrs. Pentstemmon, Wizard AND Witch Suliman, Turniphead, Markl (I mean… Micheal?) and so many more characters got there start! You will probably be unsurprised to know that Book Howl is a HUGE heartbreaker of a lady’s man, and is generally kind of a lazy creep? Or at least that’s what the book’s narrator leads us to believe. Also, Sophie Hatter is a powerful witch? And Sophie has two sisters?! Who is Lily Angorian? Yeah, this animation has some Howls Moving Castle theories too. So! Join me as we look into Howl’s Moving Castle’s creepy origins!



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