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How to Find a Partner Who Shares Your Hobbies and Interests

The subject of kinks and hobbies always should’ve been approached carefully in ye olden times before the Internet. You never knew what person hides in the sheets or what dislikes they harboured. But now, when you’re using a dating site to match with potential lovers, everyone posts few likes and dislikes in their profile. Perhaps, in this particular case, you love anime and slightly interested in exploring domination or submission, in other words, BDSM – don’t be shy to tell about it, as other singles online are shopping for a relationship just like you, and they may have found a perfect match in the form of someone like you. 

Yes, it does lose some tempting qualities of unpacking everything about your partner like a surprised gift, yet when you decided that having a romantic partner will you meet your life goals, and you are tired of single life, it’s best not to settle for anything else than a perfect match. It’s not that important when you desire something in between casual dating and monogamy, but you won’t know it until you find the right partner. If you hope to find a person with similar preferences, especially in terms of intimacy, recreation, travel, and home life, you find the most matches on a dating site, not in bars and lounges. Although you might not match with a person with many similarities, having shared interests in common will help you break down barriers and become deeply connected. It’s not so much about exploring chemistry as it is about allowing a new person to participate in most aspects of your private life. Many unusual interests that are hard to be brought up in a conversation offline, like searching for a partner curious about BDSM dating in the UK or love for the Japanese animation, are easily discussed online, and once you feel that the conversation flows smoothly, you can start letting a new person peel back your layers little by little.

Why Anime? It’s Fun and Unusual

We often get people asking why anyone seeks a partner with an interest in anime – that’s only because they’ve never watched it. An average person can be baffled about how could you spend so much time watching cartoons? Yet this is nothing different from cosplay or becoming a Trekkie or Marvel fan. Anime is a fantastic world absurd, and over-the-top plots and characters mix with deep discussions about the human mind and sci-fi themes. You could watch one movie or show and believe you understand the genre, but then you receive another recommendation, and a strange new world opens up because the anime world is just as rich as cinematography. For every type of animated fiction, there are so many versions to explore. You see how different perspectives on common human themes will challenge your current worldview. Anime is wrought with raw emotion and subtle messages viewers can slowly chew on. There are dramatic graphic plots that may take place in the future or in a fantasy world. 

Going Deeper into Anime

To the inexperienced anime viewer, there is something so foreign about the genre. You are watching a different kind of graphic cartoon, and the characters have mannerisms and words from a foreign culture, namely Japan. While there are subtitles on the screen, you’re only able to appreciate the experience on several levels. The more films you watch, the greater diversity you realize there is. In fact, there are anime films and series on every subject, some films you want your kids to watch, but they’re interesting, stimulating multiple parts of your brain, and resonating with your worldview in a lot of unexpected ways.

Is anime connected to BDSM in some way?

Yes, it is! Japanese tradition of shibari, or rope bondage, is rooted deeply in cultural perception, so it is completely normal to find references to domination or submission in their animation and culture. Here are five popular anime titles with BDSM hints:

  • Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro – the sleeper hit series of 2021; this show is about a powerplay between Naoto, a shy second-year student, and Nagatoro, his cute female underclassman who bullies him to no end, unusually demonstrating her crush on him. There are no slight undertones, as the show depicts female domination and does it so well, it became surprisingly popular.
  • KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! – this title is a comedy isekai (meaning a tale of how a person is transported to another, in this case, fantasy world), and it laughs about a lot of fantasy clichés. For example, one character in the main hero’s party is a paladin named Darkness, who really enjoys being dominated and in pain. Kinky!
  • Hellsing Ultimate – Kouta Hirano’s works always had lots of kinky elements, but it is most evident in Hellsing Ultimate, where the couple’s dynamic between the main character, a vampire named Alucard, and an ex-cop Victoria Seras whom he turns into the vampire to save her life, bear the obvious elements of dom and sub relationships.
  • Yatterman – this title is old-school, but for the 70’s it was almost revolutionary. This kids TV show featured a villain woman who literally wore a bondage outfit as her supervillain’s mantle!

Exploring Anime

Anime can’t be classified as a single genre, so when you find a potential partner who says that they like it and share your interest, first, ask about what particular titles they like. If those are the same as you admire, or they are ready to exchange experiences and watch favorite works for both of you together, then you’re in luck! This kind of entertainment helps you escape your living-to-work routine, and you realize you desperately need to spend more time having fun, whatever that means to you two.



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