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Japanese Fukubukuro 2018

Studio Ghibli! Pokemon! Naruto! All the fun of Japan’s New Years Lucky Bag tradition! Unboxing random goody bags! If you enjoy, do Subscribe and leave a comment! I read them all!

It’s the dawn of a new year, which means that it’s Japanese Lucky Bag time once again! Japanese Lucky Bags, or Fukubukuro (福袋) go on sale on the first of January. Shops gather unsold items from he past season and gather them in sealed blind bag for people to purchase at a significant discount! The name ‘Fukubukuro’, is a combination of ‘fuku’ (luck) and ‘fukuro’ (bag), commonly referred to Lucky Bags! Apple’s Applestore, Starbucks, Pokemon, Ghilbi and even Ikea have all produced incredibly popular fukubukuro that sell out in minutes! Last year I managed to track down some incredible fukubukuro that included some Pokemon items, among other things, and this year is full of surprises! I ended up with items you may find in a Pokemon lucky bag, a Ghibli lucky bag, and even other anime and popular Japanese characters. Of course you don’t know what’s inside, and that’s half the fun! I hope you enjoy this Fukubukuro 2018 Lucky Bag unboxing, and please to leave a comment & subscribe is you enjoy the video! Make sure to check out my other Japanese videos and vlogs!




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