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Meet your Otaku Partner Online

Are you consumed by technology and the internet – to a point where reality is difficult, and you’d rather not be part of society? Welcome to the world of Otaku, and don’t worry you’re not alone. 

Meet People you can Really Connect with Online

There is a lot of pressure on everyone in society to have friends, see their family, and build meaningful and romantic relationships – however, we’re not all built the same. In the real world, many people struggle to maintain a social life or even be an active member of the society they hate. 

But that doesn’t mean the end to friends and relationships. Online communities have been growing over the last few years and even more since the pandemic hit. Many of us are unhappy in our bodies, with our looks, and even with our jobs and day to day lives – and there is no better place to reinvent yourself than online. 

Otaku is often considered a negative term in Japan, used to describe people who are online more than they are in the real world – but several different studies have found online worlds could be the best place to be yourself. 

Be the Best you can be Through your Online Character 

Even people who don’t suffer from anxiety worry what someone will think of their looks, job, outfit, or outfit. Online world’s help you be the best you can be and let your personality shine – without the small things getting in the way. 

Wanted to shave your head or dye your hair purple but too worried to in the RW? Online characters let you try everything you’ve ever wanted to without negative consequences or reactions. This helps you to build a natural relationship – whether you’re Otaku or not – without the societal pressure of meeting people in person (and during a pandemic, where better to get out and about and explore the world?)

Online reality worlds offer you a safe place to make friends or meet people who won’t take you at face value and appreciate your personality, quirks, and sense of humor like you wish everyone else would. Whether you’re looking for love, friendship, or just like-minded people to talk to and interact with – online characters can be perfect for helping you to be you. 

Make Friends and Build Support Groups  

A lot of people think the online worlds are a way to online date or cheat on RW partners – however, that isn’t the case. Many people you meet online are there for the same reason as you – they struggle to build relationships and making friends – and the result is a friendly environment, perfect for finding friends. 

When you make and meet friends online that you have something in common with, you’re more likely to meet people you can build friendships with. Many online AT world’s offer support groups and friendship options to help maintain friendships outside the game. 

There are several high profile stories in the press of both friendships and romantic relationships starting online and eventually moving to the real world. If you’re scared to share your feelings with people close to you, online realities and the world of anime can give you an anonymous place to chat, offload and find good advice – without asking the people around you and involving them in your problems. 

Find your Significant Other Online 

Online dating is as old as the internet, and where better can you – not only be yourself, but also – meet people with similar interests and hobbies as you? Anime and alternative world’s are often used to find singles and start new relationships – and as the best place to let your personality shine, what are you waiting for? 

If you’re into anime or other online AR worlds and if you want to meet people interested in the same things as you, anime dating sites can save your time and finding soulmates for you quicker.

Many people look online for love, but dating sites often cater to “regular romances” anime dating sites; however, they help you meet like-minded – and REAL people – in a natural environment. The natural setting allows you to build real friendships with no pressure – that might quickly become some more. 



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