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Mousterpiece Cinema: Tales From Earthsea

Mousterpiece Cinema: Tales From EarthseaThis Saturday, the newest episode of the Mousterpiece Cinema podcast was released to the public. It is devoted to the 2006 Studio Ghibli movie, Tales From Earthsea, and features yours truly as the special guest. On this show, we discuss various topics, including the plot and characters, the relations between the movie and Ursula K. Le Guin’s fantasy novels, and the family melodrama that was unraveling behind the scenes at Studio Ghibli.I like to think that Tales From Earthsea is a movie where Goro Miyazaki openly fantasizes about killing his father, then is cursed to walk through the endless landscapes of his late father’s own creations. He is trapped in a Purgatory of sorts, reenacting scenes from Horus, Prince of the Sun, Puss in Boots, Heidi, Girl of the Alps, Future Boy Conan, The Journey of Shuna, and Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind.

For all of the movies faults, and we all agree that this movie is loaded with them, there are some positive qualities. We must also remember that the director was working on his very first movie, with zero experience in animation or filmmaking. Putting Goro-san into the captain’s chair was a big gamble, one that, ultimately, didn’t quite pan out. But that story has yet to be fully written.

Click on the link above to listen to the podcast episode. You can also download from Apple iTunes. Be sure to post a positive review on the Apple page as well, as that helps support these shows.



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