‘My Neighbour Totoro’ bag wrapped like Mei’s corn is perfect Mother’s Day gift for Ghibli fans






Studio Ghibli movies are loved the world over and have given us many memorable, heart-warming moments.

One of these moments is in “My Neighbour Totoro,” when Mei sets off with an ear of corn that she picked for her mother who is sick in hospital. Despite getting lost and even having to defend her precious gift from a goat, she carefully guards it. Eventually after being rescued by Totoro and Satsuki, the two sisters quietly place the corn on the hospital room’s window sill for their mother to find.

This display of filial love is the perfect scene to evoke when thinking of a Mother’s Day present, which is why Donguri Republic (the official Studio Ghibli merchandise store) are releasing a special Mei’s corn themed gift set just in time for the big day.

This year, Mother’s Day in Japan falls on May 12 and the 2019 “corn gift set” will go on sale from the middle of April for 2,778 yen.

The wrapping is sure to make any Studio Ghibli-loving mum smile. Just like in the film, the corn has ‘to mother’ inscribed on it, and is full size so you can carry it in your arms just like Mei. The wrap contains a Totoro mini towel and a tote bag which is, fittingly, made from maize. Both have an adorable Totoro and corn pattern.

Donguri Republic also recommend some other goods for Mother’s Day, including woven maize bags (7,500 yen) with either Totoro or “Kiki’s Delivery Service” motifs.

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