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Perfect ways to change your future for good

You are what you do, so next time when you do something, ask yourself if it has anything to do ith the type of a person you want to be.

Ryan Holiday

If you change your daily routine, you change your life.

We are all equal in that each of us has 24 hours a day. No one can knock out a couple of extra hours for themselves, no matter how rich and influential they are. But how and for what we spend these 24 hours … there can already be huge differences, and all our actions (all without exception) affect what awaits us in the future.

You can spend the time allotted to you by fate every day on something that really matters to you, or spend it thoughtlessly and aimlessly on all sorts of little things.

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And therefore, the best question you can ask yourself, creating for yourself a picture of a perfect future, sounds like this:

What would my perfect day be like?

It is unlikely that you will be able to achieve a perfect life if you cannot organize even one of your days. But if you can adjust the day, you can adjust the week, followed by months, years, and ultimately your whole life.

So what should your perfect day look like? What should you do today, tomorrow, and so on in order to live the way you want to live in reality? 

If you can’t describe what you do as a process, you don’t know what you do.

Edward Deming

Do you know what you are doing? Are your actions facilitating the process of moving from where you are now to the future in which you would really like to live?

Do not more, but less – manage important documents

The fastest way to get ahead in life is to do less and less. Start by stopping doing what keeps you in place. 

Benjamin Hardy

Many people living in the modern world live like hamsters trapped in an endless wheel, from which they cannot get out – they run faster and faster, do more and more, but, despite this, remain in the same location. And if, before adding positive actions to their lives, they do not get rid of negative ones, they will take a step back before each step forward, marking time, even if they have the illusion of moving forward.

That is why those who really want to achieve their life goals should start doing less, not more. 

If you want your average day to come as close as possible to the perfect picture of the day, you should first let go of the habits that hold you in place. If you try to run in heavy shackles, you will only get tired faster. 

As your days become more and more aligned with your values ​​and goals, your self-confidence will increase. Every day you will become more and more convinced that you have really taken the path leading to your chosen goal, and you will become much more willing to take risks.

Your creativity will skyrocket. You will take on a variety of projects and eventually give up thinking “I can’t do it.” You will balance between the states “it may not work, but it was worth trying” and “my success is inevitable”.

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Your work and life will begin to bring you more and more pleasure. Every day will make you a little bit better – and all because you finally gave up on what keeps you in place.

Don’t spend a single moment in completely unnecessary pain.

In conclusion, you create your perfect future by actively and purposefully living in the present, living every day in such a way that it even brings you a little closer to your goal. 

You start by defining the future that you want to create, moving on to what you need to change in the present so that it leads you to that particular future. 

And when you start making your day as close to perfect as possible, start by removing negative behaviors and habits. You cannot gain self-confidence if what you say and what you do do not match. 

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Finally, you string enough perfect days on the thread of your life to make the necklace of your perfect life.



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