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Reimagined Studio Ghibli characters are an absolute delight

Studio Ghibli films are known for their unique and unapologetically traditional animation style, but a brand new project is imagining what its characters might look in various different artistic styles. Artists and illustrators from around the world have been tackling Ghibli characters their own aesthetic, with some delightful and surprising results.

Created in celebration of the studio’s 34th anniversary, the #ghibliredraw challenge has seen hundreds of artists take to Twitter to share their own stamp on Studio Ghibli’s magical universe. While some closely resemble the Ghibli original, others have opted for a much more digital or impressionist style. Check out the best drawing tablets if you’re inspired to get involved.

Notably, many artists have chosen a more detailed style than the Ghibli original, making characters appear more realistically human (or animal). It’s a fascinating glimpse at how Studio Ghibli’s characters could differ if tackled by different artists – extra detail makes many faces some even more expressive, while some younger characters appear older. Take a look at some of our favourite examples below.

Not only is it enthralling to see Ghibli characters in different styles, but the project also serves as a delightful window into the huge amount of artistic talent on Twitter. And while we can’t all be Studio Ghibli founder Hayao Miyazaki, our character design guide is a great place to start if you fancy creating some characters of your own. 

Speaking of different artistic styles, fans weren’t happy with the first glimpse of Studio Ghibli’s upcoming film Aya and the Witch. For the first time in the studio’s history, the film eschews traditional hand-drawn animation entirely in favour of CGI. It’s not all bad news for fans, though – it was recently revealed that the highly anticipated Studio Ghibli theme park will finally open its doors in 2022, and it looks like a dream come true for fans



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