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Reissue of Mondo’s Ghibli Kokyo Kyokushu

With this petition, I would like to catch Mondo’s interest and prove that there is a demand for reissuing Kokyo Kyokushu.

I would love to get this beautiful vinyl, however buying price on Discogs is $200+, same with eBay etc., which is a lot in my opinion.
While people who buy at these prices lose money, Mondo loses potential customer and in effect loses money aswell. Thus making a reissue would be beneficial for both sides.


Kokyo kyokushu was released in 2013. I believe there’s a lot of people like me, who became interested in vinyl later than that. Making a reissue would create a fair chance for us.

Finally, there is a clear demand for it – by making a mean value from statistics on Discogs, we get that ~850 people want it. Want/have ratio is 2:1.



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