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Seven Popular Gay Characters in Anime: Find Your Accomplice Online

Gay men are known for being artists and patrons of the arts. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that gay people enjoy consuming anime and discussing it with others, especially their boyfriends. Whether it is a case of life imitating art or a sign of changing times, more gay people are now portrayed in anime than ever before. Take a look at seven popular gay characters in anime that show the increased acceptance of gay people in media today while also learning how to meet a fellow gay anime lover like yourself.

How to Meet a Gay Anime Fan in the UK

Meeting someone who loves anime and lives in the UK isn’t much of a challenge, right? It seems that you could go on any social media site and find thousands of people that “stan” their favorite shows and characters. What if you want to date a fellow anime fanatic, and you’re gay? Sure, you could just hang out at popular UK anime-friendly places like ramen houses, manga stores, and conventions, but there’s no real way to know if someone is gay and looking without a serious time investment. Just like in many shōnen, technology is there to save the day in this case! By using a website for gay sugar baby dating in the UK, you can find a slew of different UK dating websites that feature older and younger gay couples. Meeting an older man can help you find someone wiser and more educated in the nuances of life. He’ll also shower you with gifts and take you out on the town to places that are too ritzy for a young man. Older guys looking for a sugar baby love these sites, too. Since many older gay men who love anime never got the chance to find a partner back in the day when anime was less popular, now could be the chance to make it happen. The right website can make it easy to meet a younger guy that loves anime and a generous, experienced older guy. Meanwhile, you can show them the ropes and benefit from getting a young man’s perspective on the world! By choosing the UK website that works best for you, it’s possible to sign up and start searching through various profiles using keywords related to anime. You could find someone that is a crazy big fan of your favorite anime, like Attack on Titan, or you could find someone that appreciates sub-only anime straight from Japan. It’s easier than you think, and you could find a loving partner that shares your affinity for your favorite hobby!

Popular Gay Anime Characters

As we said before, it’s unclear whether gay characters are becoming more prevalent because of the increased acceptance of gay people or whether the new generation is just more interested in telling stories with gay people in them. We can see that the 1990s had films like Ocean Waves, a Studio Ghibli production, where two men may have been more interested in each other than the third wheel. The 90s were a time when more negative gay stereotypes were featured, too, something we will explore on this list. Yet, the modern gay characters seem deeper and more interesting; take a look and see what you think is creating increased interest in gay men.

1. Yuga Aoyama – My Hero Academia

Yuga is an outwardly effeminate and prideful individual. Although the show doesn’t delve directly into his sexuality, it’s made clear from the way he presents himself and interacts with other characters, like Deku, that he is coded gay. In short, he’s gay, but it’s doubtful he’ll be shown with a boyfriend in the anime.

2. Puri-Puri-Prisoner – One-Punch Man

Puri-Puri is a homosexual man who abides by many effeminate stereotypes of a gay prisoner trying to be cute. Although he commands respect from some of his other prisoners, he’s not favorably portrayed in the show. 

3. General Blue – Dragon Ball

Again, General Blue is an effeminate male character portrayed in the Japanese subs of the anime as an openly gay man who can’t bear to come into contact with Bulma. Unfortunately, he is also shown to have a desire to be with younger men, and that’s once again a negative portrayal. 

4. Garfiel – Fullmetal Alchemist

Several factors point to this automail technician as being gay. First, his voice actor is used almost exclusively with gay men. Also, he’s shown to be effeminate, possibly wearing lipstick, and certainly likes being around men more than women. 

5. Albert d’Andrésy – Lupin the Third Part V

A power-hungry and corrupt official, Albert d’Andrésy is mentioned to have a boyfriend named Tickey Pasco. He’s a capable fighter and not another effeminate man, so this is a very good portrayal of a gay deuteragonist.

6. Jaoktsu – Inuyasha

Jaoktsu is a member of the Band of Seven and a bit of a sadist. He’s openly gay, but he has trouble staying interested in people for too long before wanting them dead. He’s a complicated character and one that we wished to see more of.

7. James – Pokemon

Another questionably gay man (but coded gay) is James from Pokemon. He is an effeminate, flamboyant individual who frequently dresses up as a woman and loves womanly things, like flowers. Since this is a child’s show, he’s never shown as being with another man, but the intention is clear. 

Many anime shows portray gay characters. Some of them are done well, and others aren’t. If you would like to meet someone and pour over your favorite characters to see if they’re well-portrayed gay men or just talk about anime, then head online. Many great gay dating websites will help you find a romantic partner that shares your love for guys and anime.



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