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Sexy Anime Heroes on Cosplay Festivals: Find a Soulmate Online and Go as an Anime Couple

Having a burning passion for anime and a serious relationship may seem impossible- However, more anime fans are dating each other than people think. Anime fans are turning regular people too. When someone who’s never watched anime starts a relationship online with anime fans, they get exposed to Japanese animated art. Many of them become fans soon. Visiting cosplay festivals becomes an activity for both partners. Mentioning anime in descriptions on online dating sites used to be a big NO-NO, but today that’s one of the best ways to filter potential partners. More about snatching the perfect partner for attending cosplay festivals below. Together with a list of the best global festivals for anime cosplays. But before learning how to seduce while dating online, think about the kind of relationship you want to start. The next move depends on that decision. Tips below will focus on helping anime lovers find their soulmates, but casual daters can use them, as well.

How to Meet an Anime Loving Soulmate?

Soulmates will always find each other. Ah, that’s so romantic, yet so naive. Sitting in a bar for singles won’t start a relationship. The chances for your soulmate to enter, notice you, and fall in love are slim. At best. Meeting someone in person doesn’t give enough info to determine if there’s a chance for a serious relationship. It’s possible to guess someone’s interests based on their clothes, body type, and stuff. But that’s still a guess. That’s why most anime fans don’t have luck dating offline. They thrive on dating sites. Starting a conversation with hot girls is scary in bars while all their friends are looking like hyenas. Most men don’t dare to do that. Starting a sexy chat with girls online is easy because members can send an unlimited number of messages. To as many girls as they want. Geeks get all their dates online because the numbers work in their favor. It’s impossible to contact 100 girls and not get a date. If that happens, there is a problem with the chatting strategy. One of the mistakes many anime fans make while trying to seduce girls on chat is waiting.

Trying to connect as friends and then working up to a relationship is an approach many men take with hot women. Attractive women have that magnificent aura that shakes the confidence of men around them. Men get satisfied with the fact that such a lady is talking to them. 100% WRONG! Chatting is just the beginning. The goal is to meet and seduce a hot girl with an understanding of Japanese animated shows. Being only friendly forever cements your place in the friend zone. Women have to see you as more than a friend if you want to show up at the next anime festival as a couple. Don’t be afraid to make a move on dating sites for anime fans. Girls on such sites seek men like you. And if the first 20 reject you, there are always more. It’s better to get rejected by 666 girls than being friend-zoned by one

The Best Anime Cosplay Festivals Worldwide

Millions of people love anime, so it’s not surprising that many related cosplay festivals happen all the time. It’s possible to see singles, couples, groups of friends, and families at such festivals. Still, most single men attending them would love to be in the costume for couples instead of the costume for one. Luckily, meeting fellow fans isn’t that tricky because of social media and online dating. The bigger problem might be choosing which festivals to visit. From the fall of 2022, that choice will become even more difficult. Studio Ghibli theme park should open then, which will change plans for many anime-loving couples. Other than a park that will attract thousands of fans, there are some major anime festivals worldwide. Attending all of them from our list could be the best anime-related bucket list a couple can make.

  • Anime Expo, USA
  • Hyper Japan, UK
  • Anime Japan, Tokyo
  • Manga Barcelona, Spain
  • Heroes Manga Madrid, Spain
  • Japan Expo, France
  • Anime Festival Asia
  • Comic Fiesta, Malaysia

North America, Europe, and Asia are leading when it comes to the best anime festivals. Some of the most romantic places on Earth host famous events so couples can create precious memories thanks to the shared passion for anime.

Starting a relationship is simple, but finding someone with the same interests isn’t for anime lovers that used to be a big problem until online dating became mainstream. Now starting a relationship online with like-minded people is easy. The key is choosing the site where other anime fans hang out and seek love. Members spend time chatting about anime, which helps them bond. Many new couples fantasize about going to some of the best anime festivals dressed as their favorite characters. Some even consider traveling and attending all the events from the list above. Courageous. But love is a strong force, regardless if it’s towards anime or a fellow anime fan.



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