“Spirit of the Wind”, the artists pay homage to Studio Ghibli






Spirit of the Wind: A Studio Ghibli Tribute Show is the initiative in the form of an exhibition that has been carried out this year by 3tArts , a group that annually organizes a thematic exhibition of artistic works, by artists known or not, around a theme. This summer they decided to pay homage to Studio Ghibli. From August 8 to 29 , at the Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim, California (USA), it can be visited in person.

“Realizing that Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder of animation giant Studio Ghibli, was retiring, the 3tArtsgirls wanted to pay homage not only to Miyazaki, but to the whole of Studio Ghibli. Many hearts and from 3tArts wanted to share the beauty of their films with more than 60 artists in this refined gallery. “, they explain.

spirit-of-the-wind-1-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-2-chihiro spirit-of-the-wind-3-mononoke

spirit-of-the-wind-4-haru spirit-of-the-wind-5-chihiro spirit-of-the-wind-6-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-7-chihiro spirit-of-the-wind-8-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-9-kaguya spirit-of-the-wind-10-ponyo spirit-of-the-wind-11-arrietty spirit-of-the-wind-12-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-13-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-14-kiki spirit-of-the-wind-15-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-16-kiki spirit-of-the-wind-17-kiki spirit-of-the-wind-18-kiki-chihiro-totoro spirit-of-the-wind-19-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-20-totoro OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA spirit-of-the-wind-22-howl spirit-of-the-wind-23-pompoko spirit-of-the-wind-24-porco spirit-of-the-wind-25-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-26-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-27-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-28-chihiro spirit-of-the-wind-29-kaguya spirit-of-the-wind-30-howl spirit-of-the-wind-31-chihiro spirit-of-the-wind-32-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-33-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-34-chihiro spirit-of-the-wind-35-chihiro spirit-of-the-wind-36-chihiro spirit-of-the-wind-37-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-38-kiki spirit-of-the-wind-39-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-40-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-41-mononoke spirit-of-the-wind-42-ponyo spirit-of-the-wind-43-totoro spirit-of-the-wind-44-totoro spirit-of-the-wind-45-nausicaa spirit-of-the-wind-46-nausicaa

A fantastic initiative that joins the many examples of support and tribute that they are paying , from around the world, in different formats, to Hayao Miyazaki since his retirement, and to Studio Ghibli in general since they stopped their activity a year ago.

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