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Studio Ghibli Ambient Sounds – A thousand and A Chihiro’s priest

Yubaba’s Bathhouse is a very grandiose and opulent structure in the Spirit World. It is where Chihiro met Haku, Lin, Kamaji and everyone, and started her exciting and unique journey as a human named “Sen” among spirits. The Bathhouse is owned by the witch Yubaba, who made a promise to hire anyone asking for a position as a worker there. It was built in a traditional Japanese bathhouse style, its color scheme encompasses shades of red, green, and semi-dark tones of brown. A waterfall is also present at its bridge crossing. Early in the series, it is established that the bathhouse has a set of old, unstable side stairs that lead directly into Kamaji’s Boiler Room, bypassing the usual method of arriving by the internal elevators. Aside from the bridge, waterfall, entrance and side stairs, the Bathhouse has multiple side entrances and back doors that can be used to dump water outside without being seen by the customers. It is a structure with multiple floors. The floors above ground level are numbered in a special manner that incorporates use of the words “天”, literally meaning “heaven” and “地”, literally meaning “ground”.



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