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Studio Ghibli are now hiring

Studio Ghibli are currently hiring, with the studio advertising for a small number of digital painter jobs.

The acclaimed Japanese animated film studio are behind such beloved films as Spirited AwayMy Neighbour Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle, and its films are among the highest-grossing Japanese-made anime films of all time.

Studio Ghibli have put up a recruitment note on their website this month, with the studio looking for digital painters to join their talented team.

According to It’s Nice That, in order to get the job you’ll need to be over 20, be willing to relocate to Japan by the end of May and demonstrate a strong grasp of the Japanese language. You’ll also need to demonstrate proficient experience and expertise in 2D animation software.

Back in January, it was reported that two new Studio Ghibli films are currently in the works. The Studio’s co-founder Hayao Miyazaki is reportedly leading the two projects with his son.

In September, it was announced that a series of soundtracks from some of Studio Ghibli’s most cherished films were being reissued on vinyl.

My Neighbour TotoroCastle in the Sky and Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind were among the films to be selected, as their scores were all written by the Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi.



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