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Studio Ghibli characters turned into 3D printed nesting dolls

If you love Studio Ghibli films we have four 3D prints for you today that all fit together nicely.

User “squa1kb0x” has had the ingenious idea of combining TotoroNo-FaceJiji the cat and Calcifer into a set of Russian nesting dolls.

When we spoke to squa1kb0x they told us that combining these four movie characters together didn’t take a lot of design time, thanks to pre-existing models they could use as a base.

They estimate the modelling time was only around five hours with the big hurdle being the correct sizing. Each print needed to be small enough to small enough to fit into the previous model, but big enough to house the next one. This lead to the problem of thin print walls which needed to be fixed or they would break when pressure was applied to open them.


Total printing time was 12 hours broken down as 6 for Totoro, 3.5 for No-Face, 2 for Jiji and 0.5 for Calcifer.

Finally it was time to paint which was a simple job using acrylics. If you’re planning on making your own, be careful at this stage – the prints may fit together perfectly before paint, but not after.

To do that you’ll need the free files which are hosted on Thingiverse.



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