Studio Ghibli Deep Sleep Piano Collection Vol.2






1.The Theme of Marco and Gena(from“Porco Rosso”)

2.Once In A while, Let’s Talk About The Old Days(from“Porco Rosso”)

3.Princess Mononoke(from“Princess Mononoke”)

4.Sheeta’s Decision(from“Laputa:Castle in the Sky”)

5.Carrying You(from“Laputa:Castle in the Sky”)

6.The Path of the Wind(from“My Neighbor Totoro”)

7.My Neighbor Totoro(from“My Neighbor Totoro”)

8.The Name of Life(from“Spirited Away”)

9.Always with Me(from “Sprited Away”)

10.Mother’s Broom(from“Kiki’s Delivery Service”)

11.The Night in Town(from“Kiki’s Delivery Service”)

12.Been Enveloped by Tenderness(from“Kiki’s Delivery Service”)

13.Flowing Clouds Atop the Shining Hill(from “Whisper of the Heart”)

14.Merry-go-round of Life(from “Howls Moving Castle”)

15.The Promise of the World(from “Howls Moving Castle”)

16.Summer of Farewells(from“From Up On Poppy Hill”)

17.Home, Sweet Home(from“Grabe of The Fireflies”)

18.Anna(from“When Marnie Was There”)

19.Ahitaka and San(from“Princess Mononoke”)

20.Teru’s Song(from“Tales from Eathsea)”

21.Rondo of the Sunflowers House(from“Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea”)

22.Vapor Trail(from“The Wind Rises”)

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