Studio Ghibli Goes Mini With Bluray Collection of Short Animated Works






Here’s one for all you collectors out there: Studio Ghibli is publishing a Japanese Bluray & DVD home video release entitled Ghibli ga Ippai SPECIAL Short Short 1992 – 2016, a home video collection including 33 of the studio’s short animated works.

In addition to the 1995 “On Your Mark” music video (performed by CHAGE and ASKA, directed by Hayao Miyazaki), the collection also includes short films, TV spots, and commercial animation for companies such as House Foods, Asahi Soft Drinks, and Nisshin Seifun Group. In total, the collection clocks in at a runtime of 51 minutes.


Ghibli ga Ippai SPECIAL Short Short 1992 – 2016 will be released in Japan on July 17, 2019. The Bluray version retails for 5076 yen ($45.69 US) including tax, while the DVD version retails for 4104 yen ($36.94 US) including tax.

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