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Laputa: Castle in the Sky Review

Laputa: Castle in the Sky Release Date: August 2nd, 1996 Director: Hayao Miyazaki We’ve now made it to Studio Ghibli’s first offical release! It’s taken a while,...

Chinese poster for Totoro’s first theatrical release in country has a...

That’s not a forest or a field Hayao Miyazaki’s characters are walking through. “Cute” is obviously the first word that comes to mind when describing Totoro,...

5 New Studio Ghibli Mobile Wallpaper’s

Feel free to download or save these mobile wallpaper backgrounds to your phone, enjoy!

360 ° Ghibli’s Great Exposition| Tokyo, Japan

A 360° view from inside the Studio Ghibli Exhibition at Roppongi Hills, in the Tokyo City View tower. Photography and video was restricted but...

Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli Movies, RANKED

Studio Ghibli movies are pure magic. When I first saw Spirited Away on a high-school sweaty summer date, I knew I couldn’t go back. The unforgettable characters,...

My Neighbor Totoro, Grave of the Fireflies and the sad Nostalgia...

April 16, 1988, was a banner day for animation, and film as a whole. After launching Studio Ghibli with 1986’s Castle in the Sky, co-founders...

Remembering Studio Ghiblis Isao Takahata (1935-2018)

The world lost a great member of Studio Ghibli, Isao Takahata who passed away April 5, 2018, from lung cancer. The panel I went...

Isao Takahata Memorial Service at Ghibli Museum

Today, friends, family and colleagues paid tribute to Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata at a public memorial service at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka,...

Isao Takahata Memorial Service

The following photos are from the memorial service honoring the late Isao Takahata at the Ghibli Museum last May 15. The event was attended...

Toonami Gets My Hero Academia

Michelle, Emma, and Matt talk anime news and discuss Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro.  

Artist Spotlight: Totoro and Friends

You can never have enough Totoro fan art, it seems. I'm always amazed at the level of creativity and inspiration this humble little movie...
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