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Your Ghibli Princess

These are from different artists. Hope you enjoy!

Studio Ghibli releases 300 more free images from six films including...

Download classic scenes from anime like ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, ‘Whisper of the Heart’ and more – all free To...

Princess Mononoke – Every Studio Ghibli Miyazaki Movie Reviewed and Ranked

Every day Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, and Nick Scarpino talk about the biggest stories in nerd culture.

This Camping Site in Japan Looks a Lot Like the Village...

The dream of living in a Studio Ghibli film is very real for anime fans and while it seems far-fetched, it might not be impossible after...

For Second Week Running, Studio Ghibli Films Take Top Three Spots...

In Japan, a country relatively unhurt by the coronavirus, cinemas have been gradually reopening since May. One beneficiary is Studio Ghibli, the...

Studio Ghibli Films

Princess Mononoke (1997) On a journey to find the cure for a Tatarigami's curse, Ashitaka finds himself in the middle of a war between the...

A Tale of Two Studios Worthy of a Dramatic Anime Tale

What happens when the creative heart and soul of a studio retires? If it’s Hayao Miyazaki, the studio shutters with him. Not long after the...

Laputa: Castle in the Sky Review

Laputa: Castle in the Sky Release Date: August 2nd, 1996 Director: Hayao Miyazaki We’ve now made it to Studio Ghibli’s first offical release! It’s taken a while,...

Miyazaki and Hasui Prints

Hayao Miyazaki / Japanese Complete Set (12 Prints) Inspired by the works of Japanese print artist Kawase Hasui, this set of 12 prints bring to...

Inspired Studio Ghibli Phone Wallpaper That Will Lift Your Spirit

Are you looking for a Studio Ghibli wallpapers for your phone? We have inspired phone wallpapers that I'm sure you gonna like and love. This...

An Ancient Totoro House

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