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Animation Spotlight: Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki

Films made by Studio Ghibli consistently capture a magic that no other media has been able to, particularly the films directed by...

Spirited Away to Become Stage Play

For years, legendary anime label Studio Ghibli pushed back against the idea of allowing its films to be available on streaming platforms,...

Studio Ghibli: 5 Ways Nausicaä Is Miyazaki’s Best Film (& 5...

Although both Nausicaä and Spirited Away are beloved Studio Ghibli movies, which one is Hayao Miyazaki's best film? With...

Food from Spirited Away not from Taiwan: Animator

The 2001 animated film Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli is a favourite among many Taiwanese viewers.  The movie’s connection...

Every Hayao Miyazaki Movie Including Spirited Away, Ranked

You know the name. Few directors command the respect of Hayao Miyazaki. Pretty much synonymous with Studio Ghibli, Miyazaki is probably most known...

From the archive: The beauty of Studio Ghibli

Upon the release of Spirited Away in 2003, Eddie Harrison took a deep dive into the mastery of Hayao Miyazaki

No Face on a Quarter

This is a recent miniature paintings. Inspired from the movie Spirited Away on Studio Ghibli, No Face.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Japan: The Dark Side of Spirited...

Over the years, Hiyao Miyazaki’s Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (Spirited Away, 2001) has garnered a reputation for being the Thinking Person’s Fairy Tale: smart, cultured,...

A Play of Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro

Here is a Ghibli Riff that I hadn't noticed at first, but now it seems obvious. The scene with the giant radish spirit in...

Spirited Away

Written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, Spirited Away is his most imaginative work to date. This epic tale is a departure from Miyazaki's other...
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