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Artist Spotlight: Totoro and Friends

You can never have enough Totoro fan art, it seems. I'm always amazed at the level of creativity and inspiration this humble little movie...

Ghibli Museum Sketching Set – Miyazaki Teaches You How To Paint

The Ghibli Museum Sketching Set is a ready-made watercolor painting kit available at the museum's "Mama Aiuto" shop. Available since 2003, this kits includes...

Studio Ghibli Statement on the Passing of Isao Takahata

Dedicated Ghibli Freak Molly Hall discovered this website while mourning the passing of Isao Takahata, and answered my call for translators of Studio Ghibli's official...

Interesting take on Miyazaki’s Spirited Away

"I always wondered why the symbol “ゆ” (said “yu”) was on the door to the bath house. I asked my Japanese teacher, and he...

Spirited (Unfinished)


Lady Kodama Tattoo

A tattoo is a permanent kind of body art. A design is made by puncturing the skin with needles and injecting ink, dyes, and...

Japanese Woman Recreates The Scrumptious Food From Studio Ghibli Films

It’s always amazing how great animations can make you salivate at its food. Though unreal, mouthwatering images of the moving graphics, brought to life through...

Movie Review: Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

When the American movie-going public is constantly being fed junk food, it ruins their sensibilities. They don't trust their better instincts. Whenever I tell...

Yaya the creature who hated water

"Yaya the creature who hated water" Trailer - Release 2019 Director, screenplay and animation by Colin L. Racicot Sound design by Gordon Neil Allen A Haus Creative production

The World’s Greatest Living Director Has Died: Isao Takahata, 1935-2018

Now he belongs to the ages, and we are left alone with the terrible, dull ache. This is a devastating loss. We have lost a...

Creative Princess Mononoke Poster

The DVD cover in a poster style, no leather texture I think it looks better this way but the leather texture makes it feel...
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