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The Most Popular Anime Lesbian Heroes

If you’re a female from the LGBTQ community, do you feel your options for meeting kindred spirits are more restricted than your straight friends? After all, there are far fewer bars or social clubs where you are guaranteed to connect with lesbian singles. This is one reason why more and more girls seeking same-sex partners are opting for dating sites. Digital matchmaking represents an environment where you can connect with so many prospective partners. These outlets will even find someone ideal based on mutual interests. Let’s take the example of a hugely popular pastime – watching anime. If you’re a keen fan, these websites can put you in touch with like-minded individuals. Let’s delve a little deeper into online dating and popular lesbian heroes in anime to inspire you!

Why Choose LGBTQ Virtual Dating?

First of all, most of these sites offer free registration, allowing you to take some time browsing through various options before committing to one in particular. Your initial step towards meeting someone to discuss lesbian anime with should be checking out reviews sites. These will give you an overview of the most recommended dating site for lesbians, assess their key features, and give a picture of aspects such as how user-friendly the site navigation is. Armed with this information, you can sign up for a lesbian service and start flirting with fellow female anime fans. This latter activity might benefit from having a range of suitable conversation topics, so here are our top recommendations.

Popular Anime Featuring Lesbians – Our Top Five

Anime has been championing lesbian rights for some time now, and although these characters are sexualized, they are never portrayed gratuitously. Wherever they appear, lesbian heroes are integral to the plots of the animation features they star in. So lots of talking points for you and your new lesbian partner. Let’s look deeper into some of these fabulous animated characters in no particular order.


This would be an interesting lesbian to consider first of all because she is hardly a stereotypical same-sex female protagonist. Instead, the anime she is featured in, ‘Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-Tachi,’ is a cool, slick, and decidedly violent fantasy. The plotlines are fairly twisting and ambiguous, but if you’re looking for an outwardly gay central character, this ticks all the necessary boxes. Not only is she the attractive owner of a detective agency, but she is also immortal. Talk about an intriguing lesbian hero!

Aoi Nagisa

Star of the long-running anime series ‘Strawberry Picnic,’ Aoi Nagisa is a strict all-girls Catholic school pupil. She quickly picks up on the hierarchical structure when she first enters this establishment. But she also falls for a fellow student, provoking undercurrents of tension and romance.


Again, we are in high school territory, fertile ground for teenagers who are coming to terms with the dawnings of same-sex yearning. Here, Yuu is the hero of a simple but endearing plot. Her family runs a bookstore; she is happy enough at school but is also a little naïve. When a boy admits the strength of his feelings for her, her reaction isn’t to melt into his arms. Instead, she finds herself drawn to one of her fellow pupils, the stunning Touko Nagami. When she tries seeking Nagami’s advice about the event of turning down the next guy who asks her out, she feels the stirrings of a far more potent emotion. Soon she is professing her deeper emotional attraction to Nagami, sowing the seeds of a passionate romance.


The difference with the central protagonist of this hugely-popular anime is that Yuu is part-fox! A major storyline of many anime features is to overlap with more traditional Japanese fables about fantastical creatures or humans that are either hybrid or can morph into different animals. In this instance, Yuzu is a fox girl who lives in a village of spirits. If you like your anime with a heady fantasy backdrop, the wonderfully rendered animations here will draw you in. There are 12 episodes of this series, entitled ‘Konohana Kitan,’ each running to around 23 minutes. This will give you a lot of scope for finding out more about the delightful central characters as they develop.

If you’re a lesbian who also happens to be a fan of animation, there’s every chance you’ll have favorites. There might even be some characters who remind you of yourself! These animated features are so much more than entertaining cartoons. The central protagonists can be role models, providing lesbian viewers with interesting people and arresting storylines to empathize with. This can be a boost for starting any relationship online. So don’t waste any more time thinking about signing up for a lesbian dating service. Start looking into registering for online dating, and seek out your ideal partner for enjoying anime together.



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