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The Most Popular Time Travel Anime Scenes: Share Them With Your Friends

Anime is hugely popular with a following that encompasses the entire world. Their immersive nature and ability to keep you gripped is what makes them so intense and engaging; however, what about those anime scenes whereby the characters undertake time travel? Are you completely sucked in by the ability to travel backward and forward in time? Are you hooked on this kind of anime and want to share it with your friends and dating partners? Fortunately, there are many different anime scenes to explore, many of which you can actually recommend to your friends or use as references when making your online dating profile to attract anime lovers.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

We all dream of time travel to put things right in our past, and that’s something that is explored in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. The character Makoto Konno manages to discover time travel; only putting things right in their past doesn’t go to plan. She discovers that making subtle changes to her past leads to horrific consequences that affect those who are around her. So, she makes several moves through time in an attempt to make positive changes in order to fix the damage she has caused previously before time becomes damaged beyond repair. While the idea sounds excellent, how many of us would love to go back in time to repair some of the dating mistakes we have made through the years? Furthermore, would we really want to go it alone because many of us would prefer to find a travel partner? This anime doesn’t only has amazing time travel scenes; it is useful to watch with your partner or recommend to someone you just found at the online dating site because of the valuable lesson it teaches: past makes us who we are, and it’s great because it brought you two together.


If you’re looking for one of the top time travel anime films, then this could be it. The story focuses on a crazy scientist known as Rintaro Okabe, who loves inventing in his laboratory, which is called the Future Gadget Laboratory. In reality, the laboratory is nothing more than an apartment, but he shares it with his friends, and essentially, they create a new invention known as the Phone Microwave. Quite an original name, we think, but it gives users the opportunity to not travel back in time in person but send messages back to a time they choose. This causes a large number of complexities whereby love, murder, and lies change time. So, this is something worth bearing in mind when you send your online dating partner a message that you later regret!

Mirai Nikki

The character here, known as Yukiteru Amano, spends a large amount of time talking to imaginary people. He even has names for them – Murmur and Deus Ex Machina, although they have control over space and time. Yukiteru is given a diary that covers a time in the future where page after page is filled with bloody, brutal, and challenging battles, but the anime explores battles between 11 other people who have the same diary as him. However, Yukiteru has a friend who promises to protect him and ends up murdering those who go in search of him. However, this takes a turn as his protector ends up falling for him, which leads to a great twist in the plot. Perfect anime if you want your time travel stories to be thrilled with sudden turns and shocking details!

Thermae Romae

For some strange reason, everyone thinks that time travel films should be about stopping bad things from happening, so this film bucks the trend slightly. In Thermae Romae, it focuses on trying new things and breaking away from your comfort zone. Lucius, who is an architect from Roman times, designs bathhouses finds himself taken to the modern world in Japan. He lives life to the full and enjoys the finer things in life, shall we say. The only thing that seems to be missing is him joining some sort of online dating platform; he might have become a Roman god amongst the women there!

Occult Academy

Planet Earth was invaded by aliens in 2012, and as the earth was facing an apocalypse, time travelers were given the task of traveling back to 1999 with the aim of stopping the destruction by finding an artifact called the Nostradamus Key that they planned to destroy. However, this actually causes alien invasion to take place. The character Maya, who is the headteacher of a high school, and another time traveler character known as Fumiaki, is given the task of finding the key. They find themselves in battles while on their journey, but do they save the planet from destruction?

The great thing about anime films is that they give viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves in escapism for the duration. However, throw time travel into the mix, and things become a lot different. The whole idea of time travel is one that leaves people wondering about the possibilities of mankind, but for the time being, all you can do is continue enjoying anime. This is because it’s all we really have at the moment that leaves us wondering whether time travel will become a real thing, but also with a great title to watch, share and discuss with your partner in online dating or if your relationship went into the best route, under the same blanket as you.



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