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The Rising of Mehve


In the movie, the main character Nausicaä has a jet-assisted glider called a Mehve or “Möwe” (German meaning seagull). I just fell head over heels with this model from first I laid my eyes on it! It might be the juxtaposition in the design that really appeals to me. So graceful and robust, dangerous and playful not to mention the “wabi-sabi”-esque nature of strictly functional elements bolted on to, or stuck into, the flowing white shape of the body. And of cause, like almost all of Miyazakis flyers, it has that constructed, animalistic functionally feel to it, but in the end, it is an animated fantasy and would probably be in need of some radical changes if it was ever to take shape in real life. (Yes, I do know attempts have been made. But frankly the proportions are always way out of wack, and the performance leaves much to be desired.)


I work as a CAD-specialist (A-class surfacing). It is people like me who model all visible surfaces in the automotive industry. So I am quite familiar with lots of flowing shapes, surfaces blending into each other and such. The shape of this model really spoke to me and every moment I had some downtime at work I was gathering reference material and working on this.


Especially helpful, nigh indispensable, was an orthographic proportional study made by “oodlesodoodles” over on tumblr. This was the closest thing to a technical drawing that I could ever find. Huge thanks to Oodles, my saviour. Link to Oodles other stuff here -> https://goo . gl/8F2XWu


Finished product! Took me longer than I care to admit since I only had a chance to work on it when there wasn’t any real work to be done.


There are still some minor design details that I’m not to stoked about, but all in all I’m pretty happy with the results.


My biggest annoyance right now is probably that I don’t have access to any real rendering software, instead I had to make do with what I got. A shame really, some proper ambient occlusion, lighting and shaders would really make this model pop. Anyway, that’s it for now. Wonder what’s next.. I’ve had my eye on the planet express ship for some time now. Thanks for checking this out, Peace!




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