Studio Ghibli Land in Tokyo! (artist rendition)






This is amazing and was created by Japanese Illustrator TAKUMI. Could you imagine a place more magical than Disney Land? The answer, arguably, is yes. And a Japanese illustrator who goes simply by the name TAKUMI has done exactly that. He’s created an illustrated version of Tokyo Ghibli Land, a hypothetical amusement park that incorporates rides and attractions all based on the beloved Ghibli films.


The structure of the park is based on the circular shape of the original Disney Land: a circular park divided up into many “worlds” along the side and an iconic castle in the middle. However in Takumi’s version Cinderella’s Castle has been replaced by Howl’s Moving Castle. Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Adventureland have also been seamlessly replaced by attractions modeled after Totoro, Laputa and Naussica. And of course encircling the entire park is a Cat Bus monorail.

The artist has even gone so far as to envision hotel facilities. “Visitors could stay in the Bathhouse [from Spirited Away] or the Hotel Adriana [from Porco Rosso]” wrote the artist. He also added that he plans to add food menus in the near future as well.

So could this dream park become a reality? An amusement park of this scale is highly unlikely. Ghibli simply doesn’t seem to have the type of marketing engine to raise fund like Disney or Pixar. They did, however, create the Ghibli Museum in 2001. Much smaller in scale than anything here but it’s a magical place in its own right.


a closeup of the bathhouse can be seen in the right-hand corner


on the other side is the Hotel Adriana, floating in the sea


as you circle around you come to the “Omu Cruise” and airplane museum

Nice work, cant wait to visit 😉


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