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Top 5 Black Anime Heroes: Find Your Pal Online

It is true that anime is becoming more popular than ever, and a testament to the fact is that you can find many online dating sites letting you find a partner based on your liking for a certain anime character. In fact, you can now find a member of the LGBTQ community who is in love with anime. You can share your knowledge and talk about what inspires you in those comic books and anime series. Considering people’s interest, the creators of those anime have now started introducing many black characters as well. Not all of them are gay or belong to the Queer community, but considering the sketchy history between anime and black characters, having those black protagonists is still quite encouraging.

Black Anime and Online Dating 

In the last four decades, anime has introduced many strong black characters, and quite a few of them also represent the gay community. It became possible after the community started to be more accommodating towards gays and lesbians. In fact, you can now find a niche dating online site designed specifically for gay black men. The only issue is that not all those sites are created equal or help find a relationship online, and that is why spending some time on review sites is important. There, you get to read unbiased, comprehensive reviews that cover special features, pricing, and the overall reach of those sites and compare them with others. 

By reading those reviews, you will surely be able to find the best gay black dating site where you can also discuss your love for black anime characters, like the following. 

  • Tiziano and Squalo

If you talk about some influential black anime characters that happen to be gay, you cannot keep Tiziano and Squalo out of the list. This pair of enemies comes from Gold Wind. They made instant fans when they were first introduced in the series. Though they have not explicitly mentioned they are a couple, they still show a lot through their gestures and confirm their sexual orientation. They did not get enough screen time, though, but they were more prominent in PDA mode. You can find other gay names, such as Touya and Yukito from Cardcaptor Skura, Otokosuki from Dragon Ball Z, and Shinji and Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion Tiziano and Squalo are still more popular as two openly black gay characters in any anime series.

  • Nils Nielsen

Though he feels more like a cheat code in Gundam Build Fighters, he is a popular character with people discussing in black gay chat rooms and online dating sites. It is amazing to see how he surpasses his mom and dad by earning three Ph.D.’s. Fans still love how he used Sengoku Astray Gundam to push Sei and Reiji to their limits.

  • Bob Makihara – Tenjou Tenge

Bob Makihara will always be one popular black character in anime, and people have a special liking for him. He is a teenager from South Africa and enters Toudou Academy with his friend Souichiro Nagi. They believe that they are capable of conquering Toudou without any issue, but they are in for a surprise, as people at the school embarrass them. It is quite interesting to see how Bob earns some respect and acquires a better place with time. Those people finally acknowledge his incredible strength and become amazed at the capoeira skills that allow him to play with the rhythm of a fight. 

Unfortunately, the anime does not stick with him for long, but the manga truly gives him the credit he deserves and establishes him as a strong black character in the series.

  • Afro Samurai

Those who love black anime heroes will always remember Afro Samurai, a cold dude introduced by Takashi Okazaki. He owned the Number 2 headband, suggesting he was the second strongest swordsman in the world. If you are a fan of black heroes and hip-hop culture and like to talk about it in chat rooms over online dating sites, you must first learn more about Afro Samurai.

  • Kilik Rung

Created by Atsushi Okubo for Soul Eater, Kilik Rung is also among the most popular black anime characters. He is a pot meister and among the three best student fighters from Death Weapon Meister Academy. Fan love him because he is a passionate, strong, and hot-blooded character who looks like a hip-hop star and loves to fight off witches.

It is quite evident that Japanese culture is constantly struggling between new ideas and ancient traditions. But, you can see them making a shift and gradually introducing new gay and black characters, which were not a common sight a few decades ago. Those characters are no longer a low-effort bundle of stereotypes. Some of those black characters are still limited to being cameo appearances, but things are changing, and many iconic black characters are in the making. 



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