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Totoro cameo in Toy Story 3

Pixar’s cross-movie cameos are legion – Luxo Jr. is a particularly regular walk/bounce-on – but there was special joy to be had from laying our peepers on a furry friend from the Ghibli stable in Toy Story 3. Totoro, star of anime masterpiece My Neighbor Totoro, was prominent in several of the scenes at Bonnie’s house, gazing on serenely in that cuddly way of his as Woody flaps about his missing friends. John Lasseter and Hayao Miyazaki are practically best buds (the Disney CEO helped arrange the voicecast for the US version of Ponyo), so Totoro’s appearance shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Luckily for Bonnie’s mum and her vacuum cleaner, the soot spirits didn’t make the journey.

Best Line: It’s another non-speaking part for the forest spirit.



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