Looking Beyond The Surface In PORCO ROSSO

Miyazaki’s underrated work deals with guilt, disillusionment and the power of perception. Porco Rosso is a film with firm developmental roots in the perceived past. The...

Haku and Chihiro HD Wallpaper

Dear Haku, Your selfless love made me realize I'm much more than just a dope. What you kindled within me is what now keeps me...

Deep Sleep Music – The Best Of Studio Ghibli

Ghibli takes me to a better place. The world I'm immersed in when I watch Ghibli movies or even listen to music to them...

3 Hours The Best Relaxing Piano Music

3 HOURS The Best Relaxing Piano Music - Hayao Miyazaki Collection Relax your mind and body during this background calming instrumental composition. Use it...

Every Studio Ghibli Film Reviewed in 10 Words or Less

For me Studio Ghibli's really good. I don't know if you agree! Enjoy the video.

Emotional Stimuli Ghibli Collection Anime

Relaxing music. Hope you like it!

From Up On Poppy Hill – Kokurikozaka kara

This song was converted and uploaded for the people. Peace, Love, & Universal Trust.

A Castle in the Sky Story

Castle in the sky. The first time I watched Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece was when I was just a kid; and I instantly fell in...

Studio Ghibli Complete Collection

Best Relaxing Piano Songs!


Everything We Know About The Sequel To Matt Reeves’ The Batman

Any pessimism surrounding a new Batman movie starring former Twilight actor Robert Pattinson disappeared quickly after the film’s release in March 2022. The Batman,...

Elden Ring’s Studio Ghibli Inspirations and Potential Anime Adaptation

Elden Ring might just go on to be named the game of the year by critics and gamers, despite it only being released on...

5 Anime-Inspired Date Night Ideas

Anime is so popular that finding someone to talk about them isn’t an issue. There are many online and offline gatherings for anime fans....