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Loewe collaborates with Studio Ghibli

Loewe has launched a whimsical collection in collaboration with Japanese film studio Studio Ghibli featuring characters and fantasy landscapes from the cult...

Studio Ghibli releases 250 more free-to-download

The stars of Hayao Miyazaki’s late ‘80s/early ‘90s hits join the free-image party. Earlier this fall, Studio Ghibli made the sudden and generous announcement...

The whimsical world of Studio Ghibli

A Japanese animation studio tells beautifully realized coming-of-age stories For many Americans, classic Disney films defined their childhoods. Yet...

Soon visitors can be ‘Spirited Away’ to Studio Ghibli’s theme park

Studio Ghibli fans can soon explore a real-life version of Mononoke Village and its enchanted forest – as the animation studio will open...

Every Hayao Miyazaki Movie Including Spirited Away, Ranked

You know the name. Few directors command the respect of Hayao Miyazaki. Pretty much synonymous with Studio Ghibli, Miyazaki is probably most known...

New book goes inside Studio Ghibli with Hayao Miyazaki

Steve Alpert worked there for 15 years and knew major players TOKYO -- Steve Alpert's book comes advertised as...

Joe Hisaishi – My Neighbour TOTORO

The return of this beautiful piece gave me an emotion that I felt like I wouldn't have been able to return to....

Music Video Studio Ghibli

The video clips in this video are from various Studio Ghibli films. Music is the theme song from the Big Fish and Begonia movie...

Why did Hayao Miyazaki agree to release Studio Ghibli anime films...

Producer Toshio Suzuki lets us in on the answer. Studio Ghibli is known for being fiercely protective of their animated movies, once even sending a samurai sword with...

“My Neighbor Totoro” at The Minor Theatre

View the magical world of Studio Ghibli animation with special showtimes at The Minor Theatre Jump back into the animated world of “My Neighbor Totoro”...

Studio Ghibli Films: An indispensable Guide

Now that 21 films made by the legendary Japanese animation house are available to stream, David Barnett lists which films to watch, according to...

Hayao Miyazaki – How Animation Comes To Life

A look at how Studio Ghibli makes animated cinema feel alive.
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