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The Wind Rises

In 1918, a young Jiro Horikoshi longs to become a pilot, but his nearsightedness prevents it. He reads about the famous Italian aircraft designer Giovanni Battista Caproni, and dreams about him that night. In the dream, Caproni tells him that he has never flown a plane in his life, and that building planes is better than flying them.

Five years later, Jiro is traveling by train to study aeronautical engineering at Tokyo Imperial University and meets a young girl, Naoko Satomi, traveling with her maid. When the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 hits, Naoko’s maid’s leg is broken and Jiro carries her to Naoko’s family, leaving without giving his name.

In 1927, Jiro graduates with his friend Kiro Honjo and both are employed at aircraft manufacturer Mitsubishi and are assigned to design a fighter plane, the Falcon, for the Imperial Army. During tests, the Falcon breaks apart in mid-air and the Army rejects it. Dispirited about the seeming backwardness of Japanese technology, Jiro and Honjo are sent to Germany in 1929 to carry out technical research and obtain a production license for a Junkers G.38 aircraft. Jiro sees Hugo Junkers, argues with German guards and witnesses a minor Jew hunt. He dreams again of Caproni, who tells him that the world is better for the beauty of planes, even if humankind might put them to ugly purposes.

In the spring of 1932, Jiro is promoted to chief designer for a fighter plane competition sponsored by the Imperial Navy, but his design, the Mitsubishi 1MF10, fails testing in 1933 and is rejected. Disappointed, Jiro goes to a summer resort in Karuizawa to rest, where he meets Naoko again. They become engaged, but Naoko has tuberculosis and refuses to marry until she recovers. Castorp, a German visitor privately critical of the Nazi regime, assists in the romance before fleeing arrest by the Japanese secret police.

Wanted in connection with Castorp, Jiro hides at his supervisor’s home while he works on a new navy project. Following a lung hemorrhage, Naoko recuperates in an alpine sanatorium but cannot bear being apart from Jiro, and returns to marry him. Jiro’s sister Kayo, a doctor, warns Jiro that his marriage to Naoko will end badly as tuberculosis is incurable. Though Naoko’s health deteriorates, she and Jiro enjoy their time together.

Jiro leaves for the test flight of his new prototype aircraft, the Mitsubishi A5M. Knowing that she will die soon, Naoko returns to the sanatorium, leaving letters for Jiro, her family, and friends. At the test site, Jiro is distracted from his success by a gust of wind, suggesting Naoko’s death.

In the summer of 1945, Japan has lost World War II and has been devastated by air raids. Jiro again dreams of meeting Caproni, telling him he regrets his aircraft was used for war. A group of Zeros fly past and their pilots salute Jiro. Caproni comforts him, saying Jiro’s dream of building beautiful aircraft was nonetheless realized. Naoko appears, exhorting her husband to live his life to the fullest.

The characters



Nahoko_Satomi Naoko Satomi
Arrietty Clock is the protagonist of The Secret World of Arrietty. Arrietty, according to the movie, is nearly 14 and is preparing for her first year of borrowing. She is very adventurous and likes exploring the garden and collecting different plants for decorating her room.
Caproni Giovanni Battista Caproni
a famous Italian airplane designer who inspires Jiro Horikoshi to become also an airplane designer.
Kayo_teenage Kayo Horikoshi
is the sister of Jiro Horikoshi She is often seen wearing a red kimono carries pink bag.
Kurokawa Mrs. Kurokawa
is the wife of Mr. Kurokawa who is Jiro’s boss who works at the airplane factory. She also allows Jiro and Naoko to stay in their home when Naoko suddenly reappears to marry Jiro.
Jiro Jirô Horikoshi
has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and he wears a white suit with a blue tie and white pants. He also wears black glasses and white hat.
Hattori-1024x554 Hattori
he appears for the first time on Jiro’s first day in the company.
Mr._Kurokawa Mr. Kurokawa
is first seen when Jiro goes the working at designs the plane and sketching.

Production Credits


Directed by Hayao Miyazaki
Produced by Toshio Suzuki
Screenplay by Hayao Miyazaki
Based on The Wind Has Risen
by Tatsuo Hori
Music by Joe Hisaishi
Cinematography Atsushi Okui
Edited by Takeshi Seyama
Distributed by Toho
Release date
  • July 20, 2013 (Japan)

Voice Casting

Character Japanese English[11]
Jiro Horikoshi Hideaki Anno[12] Joseph Gordon-Levitt[13]
Nahoko Satomi Miori Takimoto Emily Blunt
Kiro Honjo Hidetoshi Nishijima John Krasinski
Kurokawa Masahiko Nishimura Martin Short
Castorp Stephen Alpert Werner Herzog
Satomi Morio Kazama William H. Macy
Jiro’s mother Keiko Takeshita Edie Mirman
Kayo Horikoshi Mirai Shida Mae Whitman
Hattori Jun Kunimura Mandy Patinkin
Mrs. Kurokawa Shinobu Otake Jennifer Grey
Giovanni Battista Caproni Nomura Mansai Stanley Tucci
Kinu Mae Whitman
Sone Elijah Wood
Mitsubishi employee Ronan Farrow
Young Jiro Kaichi Kaburagi Zach Callison
Young Kayo Maki Shinta Eva Bella
Young Nahoko Mayu Iino Madeleine Rose Yen
Katayama Darren Criss
Flight Engineer David Cowgill

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